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Friday, August 25, 2006

Can’t Visit the Maryhill Double?

Posted by on August 25 at 15:11 PM

Jen Graves’s piece about the Maryhill Double, by the geniuses that compose Lead Pencil Studio, is great: Read it here.

While I was editing her piece, I discovered that the Capitol Hill mansion built by Sam Hill in 1910 is actually for sale. It’s obviously no substitute, but if you can’t make it to north Oregon to visit the Maryhill Museum and its double, maybe you can find consolation on Highland Dr. (And if you look especially fancy, perhaps you can cop an open house? There’s a really sweet Louis XIV fireplace in the living room.)

Here’s the Maryhill Double:


Here’s Sam Hill’s house:


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Wow that place is stunning. I hope the new residents have better taste than whoever is living there now. Yuck!

what in the sam hill!?


"if you can’t make it to north Oregon to visit the Maryhill Museum"

Oops, southern Washington, not "north Oregon".

i said, "maryhill museum and its double." the double is in north oregon, so if you were to visit both, traveling from seattle, then you would have to make it all the way, yes, to north oregon.

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