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Thursday, July 6, 2006

The Morning News

Posted by on July 6 at 6:26 AM

The New York Court of Appeals says no to gay marriage.

North Korea remains defiant, vows to launch even more missiles that go kablooey shortly after takeoff.

Iran and the European Union make a date for dinner, chat about nukes. No word on the menu.

Mexico’s presidential election is still too close to call.

Lt. Ehren Watada faces up to seven years in prison for refusing to go to Iraq.

Seattle schools on the chopping block: And then there were seven.

Seattle Police want King County Deputies to mind their own damn business.

It’s Italy vs. France in the World Cup finals.

The “Cola Wars” are alive in well—and now the FBI is getting involved.

Got an extra $150 million kicking around? Have I got a 100-room mansion for you.

ALSO: I missed this story in the Seattle P-I about Knute “Skip” Berger resigning as editor-in-chief of Seattle Weekly. Berger joins publisher Terry Coe, music editor Michaelangelo Matos, art director Karen Steichen, production director Mary Bradford, director of advertising Tim Miklos, director of display advertising Jeffery Adams, and director of classifieds Heather Burgess as those out the door since the announcement of the Village Voice Media-New Times merger.

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NY SC rules against gay marriage, but AL rules in favor of gay adoption? Am I the only one that finds this bizarre?

Not into the sex discussion, but

Iran is the master of deception and "feel good talk". They will "stop and go" so many times that eventually they will be armed before the EU diplomats know what is happening.

The decision of the NY CoA is indeed bs. Not neccessarily because it is homophobic. But because it is incoherent and self-contradictory.

As Mike in Mo points out: Gay coulples are allowed to adopt and raise children. Even if the state could rationally argue that having a father and a mother is better for a child than having two fathers/mothers: That would only be a reason for not letting gays and lesbians raise children. The moment you allow it, your "hets are better for kids"-argument against gay marriage flies out of the window: If married couples are better parents than unmarried couples, a married gay couple would be at least better for their children than an unmarried gay couple, even if a married straight couple were still the optimum. So if this was only about what's good for kids, you would have to let the gay couples you already trust children with marry.

Re the Seattle/KC police friction brouhaha, maybe it's time to give those old county splitting proposals another whirl.

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