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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Loving Lucky Louie

Posted by on July 25 at 20:50 PM


The expense of cable is certainly an indulgence, but HBO keeps giving me excellent reasons to feel just fine about kicking down extra cash for their programming.

Aside from my Entourage addiction (and my boyfriend’s Deadwood obsession), my latest reason to stay in on Sundays is Lucky Louie, the half-hour comedy chronicling the pathetic life of a muffler shop repairman named Louie (played by stand-up veteran Louis C.K.)

The writing and the performances are spontaneous and wickedly funny (virtually every actor seems to be in possession of nearly-flawless comic timing), but what I really appreciate is the overall feel of the show. It’s filmed on videotape before a live audience, a logistical and aesthetic choice that is highly reminisent of both The Honeymooners and All in the Family (a decision that Louis C.K. happily acknowledges). And of course, since it’s HBO, profanity and lurid subject matter are fair game, including male full-frontal nudity—something I always consider to be a sign of progress, even if it’s within the goofy context that LL offers.

If you have a friend with cable, I recommend offering to spring for pizza and beer next Sunday so you can watch the next episode at their house. Short of that, do yourself a favor and check out some clips here.

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Since I like edgy unfiltered comedy myself, I'll definitely rent the dvd's.

i've been watching lucky louie...
the show that's so foul it's fabulous.

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