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Monday, June 26, 2006

The NYTimes on “Green Upgrades”

Posted by on June 26 at 12:37 PM

Because recycling is confusing! (More on so-called “climate neutrality” programs here and here.

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There's a real easy way to avoid the confusion: bike, go vegan, buy local small scale organic. Pretty simple. Not all that confusing. (Even adding in things like pastured meat and car sharing for when you need to haul something still keeps it pretty simple.)

Boycott Recycling Ercia!!!

ECB's Boycott List as of 6/26/06:
1. Recycling
2. Ralph's Thriftway in Olympia
3. Cafe Septieme

A woman has a right to buy Plan-B at her grocery store. Whole Foods carries the pill as does the Co-Op. Erica is brave to speak out to end oppression. I haven't eaten at Septieme, and will refuse to shop at all Thriftways.

A better way to go green is to invest money in green energy and product companies, doing well for yourself and the economy at the same time as you save the environment.

That said, I recycle almost everything, except when I space that today's recycle day (which I did).


What an absolute load of crap.

Ending oppression? Are you kidding me?

Why don't you stop being a sheep and and start thinking for yourself.

Erica is nothing more than an ill informed, well educated, idealistic kid and one day she is gonna grow up and just as loudly bleat the counter arguments that she is proposing today.

Guaranteed, the first high paying gig she gets, she'll be buying brand names, looking for prime real estate and eating at decent restaurants.

You on the other hand will have no excuse for not thinking for yourself. (BTW, did you ever even frequent Septieme? When was the last one night stand you had within walking distance of Raplh's Thriftway in Olympia and you need to rush out and get a day after pill?)

Male Oppression is everywhere - check out Someguy. Erica deserves thanks for standing with Olympia's z-bois and their boycott which is about more than a pill. It's about Christians owning and running a community business and refusing to sell whatever the community demands. Olympia Z-bois will not back down until Ralphs not only sells all the drugs a woman needs to safely abort an unwanted baby but Ralphs must also stop selling meat and all animal based products that hurt living beings. Z-boi vegans unite with Erica and spread the word to boycott Ralphs.


Thanks for that post, you could not have presented my argument any better.

Ralphs is a private business, not a community business. Also, it nice to see your anti-christian, anti-meat, anti-anything other than my opinion or we'll run you our of business ego come out in full swing.

Someone was mentioning how ECB was fighting oppression, seems to me this position is encouraging it.

On a good note, I've noticed the the stank hippies sreeching the loudest about this kind of crap are also the same people hitting me up for change as I walk down the street. As a Boycott is economically based, there really should not be a fear of you idiots having any effect on a business.

Oh, wait, I hear a Boycott of Goodwill and Value Village coming up, your demographic may have an impact there.

Someguy, in case you hadn't noticed, Shoshana is a sarcastic, unfunny troll.

And on further reading, I think that applies to z-boi, too.

Z bois and those who care about women's reproductive rights are not trolls. Please boycott Thriftway.

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