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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Photoshoppers Hate Fred Phelps

Posted by on June 22 at 14:25 PM

The High Plains Messenger is having a contest

phelps copy.jpg

If you, like us, can’t abide crazies like Minister Fred Phelps and his gay-hatin’ Westboro Baptist Church—whose protest of military funerals has spurred widespread legislation—you’re just the kind of dude or dudette we’re looking for to participate in our first-ever Fred Phelps Photoshop Contest.

Here’s the deal: Obtain, snap or Google Image acquire a picture of Fred Phelps. Photoshop (or otherwise edit) him into some compromising, out-of-character, or just plain funny other picture. Send the picture to by Friday, July 9th. We will pick a winner and lavish you with prizes like Messenger shirts, condoms, hugs, free lunch, or something.
We’ll also be featuring these on the blog as they come in. Get to Photoshoppin’!

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