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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Overheard in the Office

Posted by on June 20 at 18:55 PM

Bradley Steinbacher is currently on vacation, prompting this statement from Annie to Brendan:

“Brad is the glue that holds the drinking together”.

Return quickly, sweet prince.

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Wow. I suck at anagrams, I would never have figured that out. Thank you, Energydelay, thank you.


Stef Hoji=Josh Feit.

If Bradley Steinbacher is A. Birch Steen & Bradley Steinbacher is on vacation...will there be an A. Birch Steen in this week's Stranger?

If all that folks are looking for is a reason to drink, look to the past... the Canadian past.

Bob and Doug will forever be reason enough. Check out the Barley & Hops my friends... with a Star Wars twist.

anagrams speak only half truths.

Wow. I am floored. Nice work, energydelay. Nabokov would be proud.

Birch is a real person—and a real asshole too, I might add. Sometimes a coincidence is just a coincidence.

And I don't think Bradley—not the Brad I know—would be capable of penning the swipe at lesbians in A. Birch's column this week.

sweet, sweet bradley steinbacher (or "patches" if you're nasty) is far too gentle to be such a curmudgeon.

brad is well known for his charitable work with sick ponies, his artful flower arrangements, and his positively decadent "better than sex" cake.

without mr. steinbacher, the stranger would be a dark and cruel place.

mr. keck: you are paying him far too much if he is able to vacation, please reduce his compensation and force him to work all weekend.

in the infamous words of mr. charlie chong, now that's what i'm trying to show you about.

Lady Haters Won A Scuzzy Slime Pustule, Man? = Yowzza, U Smell The Catsup Under Amy's Nails?

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