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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Morning News

Posted by on June 21 at 8:35 AM

John Kerry: Can’t catch a break.

North Korea: Wants to talk about that missile.

Captured soldiers: The Washington Post prints the grisly details.

Republican presidential contenders: High Infidelity.

Dick Cheney: The Dark Side.

Ron Suskind: Recommended reading.

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Don't forget that Dick Kelley just got endorsed by AFSCME (did I write that correctly, not good at acronyms), as he announced at the 43rd District Dems meeting last night.

oh, and I'd like to apologize to Josh, the 43rd District Democrats Candidates Forum at Town Hall (8th and Seneca), which is FREE like Fremont, is on July 18th. It's Bill Clinton in town for Jim McDermott's fundraiser that's later.

If you want to ask candidates direct questions, best time to arrive is 6 pm, when they'll all be there, instead of the actual forum at 7:30 pm.

RE: Suskind review

Why did you post a link to a site that states "I haven't gotten my hands on a copy yet. But from what I've read over the last day or so, I'll probably try to pick up a copy as soon as I can."

In addition to the Washington Post link published on Talking Points Memo, there was also a review in the NYT.

I'd post a direct link to the Post article but there is a retarded Slog filter that won't allow me to add it here.

New York Times:

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