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Friday, June 23, 2006

Field of History

Posted by on June 23 at 12:10 PM

We must never forget that a large number of the slaves America used to pick cotton for nothing came from Ghana. It’s certainly something that cannot be excluded from the context of Ghana’s World Cup match victory over USA last Tuesday. Very few sports activate the forces of history like football.

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I think I actually leapt out of my seat when I read that Ghana won yesterday. Not because I necessarily care all that much about soccer but because you gotta love a good underdog story. And in light of the brief summation of history you gave, the more wins the better.

And, something I didn't know about Ghana until I saw players crossing themselves, subbing in and out of the game yesterday: 63% Christian.

All religion sucks. I used to like this soccer team, then I found out they are Christians. All Christians are stupid and they are the reason the world is so fucked up.

Don't bother watching Christians play soccer and cross themselves. There are better things on TV.

I was just surprised, I didn't cross myself when I realized it; don't worry RS - I think it's the Raelians that are in charge, right?

I'm pro Ghana but man they sure do flop a lot.
Hey "Religion Sucks" get over it.

remember, a lot of those slaves were sold by chiefs in ghana too. black americans don't owe shit to the people who sold them out.

Christian male athletes who oppress their wives and girlfriends are not heroes. Even if their girlfriend was raped, these men would refuse to allow and abortion. Hero? I think not.

That penalty at the end of the half was still bullshit though.

Realistically, the US was way overrated, and they didn't have a serious chance of getting beyond group play. The loss to Ghana, which BTW is a better team, was a reality check. Good for Ghana, and good for the US being put in their place.

It's called soccer. The rest of the world will come around, or not. Who cares what they think.

Speaking of caring, what does "something that cannot be excluded from the context" mean?

BTW, does Ghana have any white players?

I overheard that USA is ranked #5 by FIFA? Huh?
This time around, they played pretty decent and that penalty was a really bad call IMO.

Our FIFA ranking is due to a ludicrous CONCACAF multiplier that gives us 95% of the credit you get from playing Italy to games against Aruba and Montserrat. It's a political ploy to interest rich Americans in FIFA; Brazilians and Germans don't give a shit what their FIFA ranking is.

The US played like crap, and that penalty didn't make any difference -- they needed a win, not a draw. Ghana earned it. Here's hoping for a miracle against Brazil, and mass firings in American Soccer.

These Christian idiots lost their match. All Christians are the oppressors. Please stop promoting them.

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