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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Emily’s List Endorses Burner

Posted by on June 21 at 11:06 AM

The powerful women’s advocacy group says it will be backing eastside Democrat Darcy Burner in her race against Republican Congressman Dave Reichert. Ellen R. Malcolm, president of Emily’s List, says:

This is the Northwest’s most competitive Congressional race, and EMILY’s List will devote its significant energy to ensuring Darcy Burner’s victory.

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This is not insignificant. EMILY's list is extremely finicky as to who they will support, as there are many races around the country similar to the significance of this one. They have a very high viability standard candidates have to reach before they step in. This is cool. Go Darcy!

Severely Excellent! Congrats!

At some point, instead of random endorsements from random groups, Eli, you're gonna need to start posting some legitimate poll numbers. It's all hollow pub otherwise.

And no, that random questions poll you posted a few days back doesn't count. The only poll question that matters is "Who would you vote for, Reichert or Burner?"

No, the only question is "Who would you vote for, someone dumb enough to back Bush in his insanity, or someone sane like Burner?"

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