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Thursday, June 8, 2006

Church of Scientology Trashes Seattle Neighborhood

Posted by on June 8 at 8:35 AM

On my run this morning, I noticed hundreds and hundreds of these fliers under wiper blades along 16th Ave. on Capitol Hill. There were also hundreds of a pink folded Scientology flyer under wipers on Federal, but I didn’t hang on to one of those—still had too far to go to carry that garbage with me.

scientology flier

Dianetics reveals the single source of all of your unhappiness, overwhlem [sic] and self-doubt, and shows you how to get rid of it.

Notice that the word Scientology is only in the tiny, tiny, illegible print, and they make no mention of the idea that the single source of unhappiness they speak of is your body’s brain-washed alien soul infestation.

Perhaps it should read:

Today we have conquered the stars… So, why can’t you get rid of the dead aliens living in your blood?

Also note that the email address of the Seattle Scientology mission is For some reason, this multi-billion-dollar global cult can’t manage to give its chapters their own domain names? Lame.

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I saw that guy putting them on this morning around 5:30 am. If I would have only known...

"Today we have conquered the stars"

We did? When did *that* happen?

As I read it a fourth time I think 'Oh, wait, Scientology *has* conquered the stars. TomKat, Beck, Isaac Hayes....'

Strangely enough the Scientology center over in Redmond near MSFT has recently changed to be a pawn shop. Did they move or did they close down?

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