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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Slippery Slope?

Posted by on April 15 at 11:16 AM

From the P-I:

Robots can give birth now.

[Noelle] is a lifelike, pregnant robot…She ultimately delivers a plastic doll that can change colors, from a healthy pink glow to the deadly blue of oxygen deficiency…The computerized mannequins emit realistic pulse rates and can urinate and breathe.

And destroy humans.

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Sounds like a Tom Cruise production.

The xenophobia in this post is mockery, not expression I hope?

Must Destroy the Doctor.

Lostboy. I'm sorry - what's your question? Are you asking whether or not I actually believe that robots can biologically reproduce and give birth to armies of malevolant robot babies? Are you concerned that my ignorant prejudice might impede the crusade for robot rights? Because the answers to those questions are OF COURSE and GOD I HOPE SO.

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