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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Please Enjoy, part 2

Posted by on April 12 at 12:46 PM

Niiice. In related news to Cienna’s post, here’s a freaking giant centipede eating a gawddamned mouse. Not to be viewed while eating, or most likely anytime else.

In terms of Hermann soundtracks, I’m thinking the theme for Cape Fear, mixed with occasional audible gagging.

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oh my god. you win this round, andrew, but I'll be back...

Crap, I shouldn't have led with my ace. Er, I mean, bring it on.

God centipedes are gross!

Cienna, you give up too easily. Both your and Andrew's links are mind-fuckingly gross.

man. you can tell i'm really sleep deprived. i actually cried a little bit watching that.

augh...what the hell, was that a pet or something? tell me no one keeps a giant centipede as a pet. that's straight from a horror movie. (can you imagine it attacking your arm?...I can)

centipede multiplies and divides
the way that he moves
has no reason or rhyme

speechless, so i'll type instead. that was insane!!! where the hell do you find a 9 1/2 inch centipede?! ugh.

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