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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Man Fucks Horse…

Posted by on April 27 at 8:47 AM

…and lives! Unfortunately for the man, he was caught on tape, and now the cops are looking for him.

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"WAFB 9NEWS chose not to show moving video of the man with the horse. "

It was very moving. And tender. You could tell the man and the horse were really in love.


Killer detail: the man was wearing flip-flops.

Why are white people so sick, indeed.

"Always [going] to the same animal," Ambeau observed. "On the tape, he was [going] to the same animal performing sexual acts."

At least he was monogamous, or monohippous .

"crime against nature" - how medieval.

They have the incident on tape. Surely they can tell if the horse is consenting.

I wish that were the standard for such crimes because it would make for quotable trials: "Do you really expect us to believe that you could satisfy a horse?" etc.

I'd be so worried about getting kicked. And how could a guy's - well, I've clearly spent too much time thinking about this already.

A horse is a horse, of course, of course
And no one can talk to a horse, of course
Unless, of course, the horse, of course
Is the famous Mr. Ed.

Mr. Ed could not be reached for comment.

i like how they protect the horse's anonymity in the news footage by only showing his/her legs.

the more things change.... anyone every see "Equis"?

Did people think the old Tiajuana jokes about the pony and the girls were not true?

I always thought they were inspiring. But my pony boy was a nickname, not the real thing.

As a mental health profesional, I think I see signs of fixation here. And a good sense of humor.

Not to state the obvious, but why the hell didn't they just show the guy's face on TV if the purpose was to see if anyone could identify him? Seems like the police and the news station were both trying to titulate its audience. Fat chance that they'd admit it.

We can always count on the Fistin' Fristin' Stranger to give us the real news.

(& didn't Santorum & your mothers tell you horseshit like this would happen if we turned you loose?)

Hey, we didn't break this story—that news station did. My brother Billy, the trivial prof at Northwestern U, sent us the link.

My brother is a gay equestrian. I have got to get to the bottom of this horse fucking shit.

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