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Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Moon Rising

Posted by on April 14 at 9:14 AM

Their little brothers in Nirvana may have made it in first, but Sonic Youth can now claim the honor of being included in the Library of Congress’s National Recording Registry. More specifically, their 1988 masterwork, Daydream Nation, has met the Library’s criteria as a recording that is ” culturally, historically or aesthetically important, and/or inform(s) or reflect(s) life in the United States.”

In addition to this simply being a well-deserved notice, just reading the announcement from the Library of Congress is a delight:

“Pioneer members of New York City’s clangorous early 1980s No Wave scene, Sonic Youth are renowned for a glorious form of noise-based chaos. Guitarists Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo had previously performed with Glenn Branca’s large guitar ensembles, and their alternative guitar tunings and ringing harmonies attest to this apprenticeship. On Daydream Nation, their third album, the group’s forays into outright noise always return to melodic songs that employ hypnotic arpeggios, driving punk rock rhythmic figures and furious gales of guitar-based noise. Bassist Kim Gordon’s haunting vocals and edgy lyrics add additional depth to the numbers she sings.”

Kool things, indeed.

Via Pitchfork.

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And it seems they've come full circle as Kim, Thurston and daughter COCO will perform a new song on the culturally relevant WB sitcom "Gilmore Girls."

Talk about a teenage riot!

What's the deal with Daydream Nation anyway? I've never understood it.

I prefer Sister--that's where they perfectly melded the chaotic noise of Bad Moon Rising with a more standard song structure.

By comparison Daydream Nation was too structured. It didn't help that they had a real drummer, either, except on Silver Rocket, which shows what the album could've been if they hadn't put on the straightjacket.

Each has their place. Daydream was what brought me into the SY fold, but once in side it's noisey confines I soon fell for Sister.

I saw them on this tour, '87 or '88 I'd reckon, in NC...the stage was covered in guitars, as there was one for each song played. Great show and all...however, I really went to see the promised skinhead brawls...which, well, was odd, skins don't like SY!? but thats why I went! to see a bunch of skins fight! oh well, no skins even showed up.

i am not trying to be argumentative with this but i'd like to state, for the record: i think sonic youth is one of the most overrated bands of our time.

they bore me, nearly to tears.

i am not trying to start a slog fight. i am just so tired of hearing about how great this lackluster band is.

I found out about this while driving home from work the other day. It was on NPR. Driving solo, I spontaneously threw out a 'fuck yeah!' (complete with fist pump) upon hearing the words 'sonic youth' come out of Robert Siegel's mouth (with 'teenage riot' playing in the background). Too favorite album ever.

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