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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Get Your “Go Live in France Pussy You Faggots!!” T-Shirts!

Posted by on April 13 at 9:24 AM

Less than 24 hours after Slog readers were introduced to the typo-loving, gay-hating freak known as Daniel Freykis, a wonderfully ambitious reader known only as “Mainstream” has placed Freykis’ signature phrase on t-shirts and buttons.


The quote’s even credited, care of another priceless Freykis quote printed in smaller letters under the primary phrase:

BushTastic American STRAIGHT White Male!

Buy yours today!
And thanks, “Mainstream”!

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You guys are breaking my bank with all the t-shirts I now wanna wanna wanna own.

that is so hot

Or how about a t-shirt with this great Scalia quote:

"For Pete's sake, if you can't trust your Supreme Court justice more than that, get a life," he [Scalia] said.

Ha ha, that's genius.

Careful, David, or the Freykis boys will sic the Sigma Chis on you. At least that what he threatened me with when I sent him a little love note. He recommended leaving the country, but didn't mention France for some reason.

Well, clearly France is reserved solely for all us pussy you faggots. As a straight person, you'll be quarantined elsewhere. But where will all the gay-friendly straight people go? Guam? The Ukraine?

"But where will all the gay-friendly straight people go? Guam? The Ukraine?"

We've already staked out Tahiti, David. We can still speak French and eat French food without ever really having to worry if the temperature will fall below 70 deg.F.


You know, if I were Daniel Freykis' worst enemy, I'd hack his e-mail account and send inflammatory letters to The Stranger in his name.

Wouldn't he be surprised to find himself a reviled, gay icon for no reason whatsoever?

great shirt. being part french....well i jsut love it. think i'll get one for my republican dad who voted for gore and kerry.

The poor guy probably just got back from a hot night at Club Z, and now all his friends hate him.

Sign me up for Tahiti, or if there's too many of us pussy you straight guys, I'll take exile to hmm, Akumal, Mexico? Sounds about right. Or Aruba? Sentence us to a lifetime of looking for Natalee Holloway -- I'm positive she's in the bottom of this margarita somewhere.

Life would be easier if the haters would identify themselves. Then we would be able to jump back in the closet in their presence. We could skip them while handing out our homosexual agenda flyers etc.

They should all tattoo big pink swastikas on their foreheads and we could be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of their legions.

Or they can be total pussies and not tattoo themselves in order to hide from us.

Go live in Nigeria pussy you haters!!!

By the way the T shirt makes an excellent santorum wipe.

Buy one for a friend as an Easter gift : )

(especially appropriate for the fertility holiday to see all those little baby makers end up in a frothy mixture on its way to the laundry)

This is all sooooooo funy but like I told Buttboy Scmadier and his tool pal at the law firm, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE and lawsuits are pending!!!

I'd be reaaal careful abut posting on this thread 'cos when I get done the Strnager will be SHUT DOWN do to you ass fuckers organzing a hate campaign against me and my brother and getting all your ass reaming friends involved.

One thing remains: Seattle is FAGGOT CENTRAL and when a catastrophe strikes (like I dunno all the lube runs out oh no!!!) you will get no symptathy. As for all the jokes about my dad, they have been forwarded to Christian and service groups (Foreign Legion, VFW, etc) so you will be hearing from them to and when THEY get on your case even going to FRance (which you seem to think is so goddamn funny) will not help you you fucking AIDS civtims faggots !!!!


This isn't the *real* Daniel Freykis!

He spelled FAGOT CENTRAL correctly!



All the VFW dustyolfuks are gonna cum to "Faggot central" and drink all the 79ยข miller highlifes out from under our noses.

GIRLLLLLS avoid the knights of Columbus hall for the next few weeks til they die off.

(ignore me im drunk)

i sent him a lovely picture of our dearest goatse. this was his response:

Fuck you and all of your dike friends. This is AMERICA bitch and there is going to be vengeance!

The Freykis name will NOT be slandered by skink pussy like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Poor little Daniel Freykis. I'll bet all this homo-erotic imagery is just keeping him up all night long - tossing and turning.

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