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Friday, April 14, 2006

Daniel Freykis Issues a Threat!

Posted by on April 14 at 16:47 PM

For all those who’ve been following the thrilling Daniel Freykis saga (see here and here), it looks like I’ve finally gotten a threat:

I would have thought you would have learned from Kyle Huff when you pussy ass hip punk rockers fuck with real men with guns???¬† Now its like you have to be taught all over again- don’t worry no guns with me just a beating coming like you’ve never had in your life Schmegma YOU COCKSUCKER!!!!!!

Once again, that’s

(Also, despite it’s impressive cuss-word quotient, “Schmegma” is an entirely unimpressive nickname for “Schmader.” Best I’ve heard in my life (so far): Darth Schmader and King Sunny Schmad√©).

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What took you so long? I got a threat off the choad a couple of days ago. His brother and a bunch of Sigma Chis are going to deliver a beat-down and eat my liver, apparently. Frankly, my liver is probably inedible, and is being saved for science, so I offered him a pancreas instead, but I haven't heard back.

God knows why it took him so long to get to me with the threats...maybe he's homophobic?

stop. please. you're giving his life meaning.

Well, shit, this kid needs some meaning in his life. So here ya'll go, his latest missive to me:

Pay atention to the notes I have been sending now YOU want violence??? Oh we are going to have it slur on my fasther is to much
now I'm coming with frequent flyer miles to spare I can go ANYWHERE and will fight all of you you bit off more than you can hew and you
weren't expecting a PROUD AMERICAN like me not pride like you faggots with parades and ass fucking in floats but REAL tough manly and you
will soon find out NO ONE FUCKS WITH A FREYKIS!!!!

You will not be laughingg soon you cunt. We wil see about your faggot ass.


"No one fucks with a Freykis".

Perhaps that's why he's so angry.

It's so obvious: Freykis is gayer than a stadium full of Liberaces. Come out already, Danny.

I had to mail him on my ordained side to offer to hear his confession, as it seems he has something he needs to get off his chest. =)

Wait, did that guy sign his name as "Cunt" in the post above, or is that a fixed-up version of the letter. I'm really hoping that's how the guy signed it.

Why can't this man spell. If your going to send e-mails like this at least spell right. It makes him look even more like an uneducated red neck fuck head.

"you're", not "your", in that case.


Daniel's mother certainly never did.

"You bit off more than you can hew" is a fantastic line of poetry. I'm an absolute sucker for wordplay like that.

I wonder how many more strokes he can have before his head finally explodes.

I can see him spitting and foaming while he screams at his keyboard...

C'mon, over with this farce. Daniel Freykis is Daniel Savage. How long must this go on?

how 'bout "marquis de schmade"? neatly thematic, if i say so myself....


I think the guy wants all the "pussy you faggots" in the closet because he's lonely in his, all by his lonesome. But that could just be a straight woman's perspective?

Gawd, were they all home-schooled by their inbred parents? Why can't they ever spell?

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Well, eventually someone big and hairy wearing lots of leather and studs will fuck with that Freykis, and his life will take on new meaning.

T-Rex, puh-leeez find an alternative explanation other than home-schooling (those of us int-ell-idj-unt folks who were schooled at home might find it uh-fence-ive)! Then again... you DID say 'by their inbred parents.'

At any rate, it's apparently too Freyk-ing difficult for this guy to use spell check -- even AFTER he's been publicly bludgeoned for it!

I agree with the current consensus -- he's in the closet. Such a shame that he feels he must lash out.



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