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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Time-Waster of the Day

Posted by on March 23 at 15:02 PM

Sure, it’s a promo device for Virgin Records, but I don’t care, this is endlessly entertaining—ideal entertainment for a stoned music fan or anyone trapped in cubicle hell. Supposedly there are 75 band names depicted in the painting below. Some are obvious (Guns ‘N Roses, B-52s, Smashing Pumpkins, Black Flag), but I’m still trying to find a couple dozen more. Please post your findings in the comments section.


Oversized image can be viewed here.

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How about a link to the site so we can see a larger version.

Sure, here it is.

cowboy Junkies, White Zombie, white snake, oh dear god... the eagles... my ehad hurts, i need to look at the bigger version.

cowboy Junkies, White Zombie, white snake, oh dear god... the eagles... my ehad hurts, i need to look at the bigger version.

Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, Pet Shop Boys, Green Day, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Oops I Stepped in Some Christ, The Eagles...

pet shop boys... they are actually cut out of the posted version.

Blur (i assume, pink shirt blury guy?)

Cake, Spoon, Pixies...

I added a link to an even bigger version on my original post.

eels, or is there a band called the slugs?

Black Flag, The Doors, Television, MC 900 Foot Jesus, Blur, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Turtles, Madonna, Kiss

Matchbox 20, Dinosaur Jr., Gorillaz, Scissor Sisters

Not sure about these, but Talking Heads and the Beach Boys

Phish, Skinny Puppy, Beach Boys, Queen, Sex Pistols

I was looking for a butthole by those two surfers, can't see one so Beach Boys it is. Co-workers wondering why my face is pressed against my monitor.

That is really funcking cool! Thanks


Seal, Rolling Stones, Madonna

Thank you, S, for the Matchbox 20. I couldn't, for the life of me, remember a band w/20 in the name, but it was driving me crazy!

Hannah, thanks a lot for doing this to me!

garbage, the modern lovers, queen, ratt, 50-cent

this has been going around on the evil space.
i'm always amazed when i see friends responses that the two most obvious to me--queen and prince--are almost always overlooked.

dead kennedy's, styx...

Dead Kennedys

Damn, you guys beat me to it--just now saw Dead Kennedys!

postal service, the police...

Korn, Blind Melon...

Do the M&Ms count as Eminem?

hole? crowded house?...

Where's Hole?

Ugh, I hate them, but those are clearly the Blues Brothers. And that fellow is White Zombie.

Guns 'n' Roses.

What the hell is August 21? According to Wikipedia that's the day Oasis released "Be Here Now" but if that's it, I'm officially pissed off.

Is Queen shooting Prince with Dildo Pistols, AKA Sex Pistols?

U2? The Black Crows? .. . oh and hole (i have no beter guess) is that big pothole in the middle of the road? i could be stupid though...

Great White

Yellowman (underneath shop sign).
Radiohead (crosswalk guy with boombox)

deep purple? Big Mountain? ok that's it i quit..

Don't worry FNARF (I hate Oasis too--I'm a Blur loyalist), August 21st is also Green Day....

I think that's the Polyphonic Spree behind the Blues Bros.

Is that an Iron Maiden crossing the street?

The B-52s! Awesome.


Tindersticks? (near eminem + matchbox 20)

Done wasting time.

Led Zepplin, of course.

The Vines
bikini kill
bee-gees - graffiti on the wall
the cars
the killers - or blues brother you choose

okay done for real.

Blak crows on the street sign.
The cars.
Has lead Zepplin been said?
The vines coming out of the street grate.

Are the three girls in front of the rolling stone the Go-Go's?

Cornershop, Crime, Black Crowes, Sack-of-Onions, Fabulous Thunderbirds

The carpenters- on the roof

You guys are up to about 60 confirmed. I don't see some of those, and there's no way Virgin is celebrating others: Crime? Spoon? I don't think so. Which means I don't know what the spoon is. It's not a Lovin' Spoonful.

Blind Melon, The Kinks...Bloc Party?

Styx, The Cars, The Police (bent over on the left side)

U2 (there are two of the letter u on the side of the building)

Black Crowes (on the street sign)

What album is the white-haired girl blowing a big bubble from?

What is the sack of onions?

What's the big-leaved potted plant?

The goldfish in the bowl? Is that Goldie?

The fruit crates with the packets on top? Those aren't Strawbs, are they?

The Lemonheads I get, but what are the other ones on the far right of the fruit stand?

The pictures pasted on the far building wall?

I don't see the Bee Gees grafitti.

The girl in the red bikini in the window, next to "SHOP"?

The "Jaws" poster?

The colored panels behind the Polyphonic Spree?

The pink and yellow spandex acrobats? They aren't Spandau Ballet, are they?

There's something shiny on a black background on the ground next to the fruit crates. Jewel, perhaps?

I don't think the three girls are Go-Gos. They look more like Olivia Newton-John or Wonder Woman x 3.

I don't see the Turtles (or Tortoise).

The couple kissing can be Kiss or the Modern Lovers, but not both.

The guy bent over on the left is the Postal Service. The Police are in the middle of the street in the background by the Cars.

Can we say that the painting as a whole is The Clash? And that we, looking at it, are The Damned?

Blondie?- on fire escape

I thought Blondie, too, but that pic's from a classic rock album cover, I just can't remember what one.

I think the colored panels are the Doors and I don’t think that’s the polyphonic spree. Maybe Joy Division?

Jaws is great white. I think.

Great White - check.
Doors - check.
Joy Division - no, I don't agree.

Yeah it's a stretch. But then why would poly be following by a preist?

Perhaps the priest is of the Judas variety.

The Eagles, of course,
Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Spoon (or Jam & Spoon)...
Main Street Saints?
The Pink Fairies?

what's the little rat above the scissor sisters? And the colored pellets above
Matchbox Twenty?

the sky is pink!

anything walking on a crosswalk (zebra crossing) would be the Beatles


Bob Seger (Mainstreet)

Could the crosswalk be White Stripes?
Didn't see it already posted.

Stix, Boom Town Rat's (rat centre front), the sky could also be "purple haze" so Hendrix?, cranberries (bags by produce stand), Mr Postman (Marveletts, Carpenters, Beatles)

OK I have to stop



I'm only including ones that others haven't written in that I've seen...
Radiohead, Kiss, The Monkeys and/or Gorillaz, Jesus and Mary Chain (store), Talking Heads, Los Lobos?, Red Hot Chili Peppers,Eminem?, Garbage, Eels, is the picture of the rooster the Buzzcocks?, The Vines, Matchbox 20 (I couldn't figure that f8&%er out!)

Manic Street Preachers, Cowboy Junkies.

Ummm . . .did no one see Guns-n-Roses on the flower cart? Damn, this is way too much fun. My eyes hurt from staring at the screen!

Hahah Ya like no one saw the guns and roses... you have to read before posting.
Anyway I have come back to this thing. and the only images I am curious about are the blow up doll in the "SHOP" window, the potted plant, the diamond necklace and the volcano spouting trees. If these have been discussed then, Ooooops! I am also thinking even though there is a strong reference to the "Gorillas" they could be seen as 3 beasts to which would be the "Beasty Boys".
I do want to stop, I really do!

Hey?! What about the Beachboys? Aren't they the two boys hauling surfboards at the middle right?

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