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Thursday, March 9, 2006

This Could Change Your Life

Posted by on March 9 at 17:17 PM

Anthony (our IT deity) told me that if you send a Google query from your cell phone, you’ll receive the results in a text message. Send a query to 46645 (“GOOGL,” a “US shortcode”) and Google will send the top result back. It seems useful for looking up word spellings and definitions, finding business addresses and driving directions, and acing pub quizzes.

More info here. Download a wallet-sized Google phone tip card here.

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It's a pretty cool thing, it's called Google SMS. But BEWARE, your phone company might charge you for each inquiry.

Yes, if you pay for text messages, you will pay twice--one to send, one to receive. Still, that's only 20 cents on my plan.

Acing pub quizzes?!? Amy Kate, you silly little Anglophile you!!!

I LOVE this service. It has changed my life (and saved me a lot of money on a wireless-enabled PDA, which I would mainly have used for Google searches).

You'll pay 20 cents for a google search? Wow. No wonder the cell companies are rolling in it.

I don't get the connection between "pub quizzes" and "anglophilia", though. There are lots of pub quizzes in Seattle, and they mostly don't take place in English-themed pubs. Irish-themed ones, more likely. That said, if I was in a pub, and they were having a quiz, and I saw you fiddling with your phone, I'd be sorely tempted to drop it in your beer, with the intention of ruining both.

Yah indeed, Google SMS is amazingly great. Also note that some of their results come in 2 parts, such as asking for a yellow page listing will give you 3 results spaced out over 2 msgs. But for those who are txtaholics and have a big-bucket SMS plan anyway, it's extremely useful. And way cheaper than $3 for 411 on yer cell.

A well-run pub quiz polices this sort of thing. So don't try it at Cooper's, where Tuesday trivia is well-run. If you want to cheat, go to Old Peculiar.

The pub quiz bit was a joke! Jeez.

people take their pub quizzing very seriously.

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