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Thursday, March 9, 2006

The White House Didn’t Anticipate This Breach Either

Posted by on March 9 at 9:59 AM

Stranger news writer Thomas Francis has a neat story in this week’s paper about a local up-and-coming businessman (the guy recently won an award from the Puget Sound Business Journal for his meteoric revenue spike).

Well, the national Republican party tried to court this guy—awarding him Washington Businessman of the Year and inviting him to the White House to meet Rove and Bush.

Read Tom’s story to find out what happened.

P.s. to the Washington State Democrats. You should contact this guy and give him an award of your own.

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fucking great story.

With a couple of caveats.

The article doesn't delve into how awards supposedly meant for "minorities" end up in the hands of white people; this guy by the sounds of it is one-eighth Mexican. And it praises his "values" and "selectivity" in having only one employee, subcontracting the rest, even though what that really means is "low wages, no security, no benefits, and no taxes". As long as he's not a Republican, all is well.

I guess it would seem I am only 1/8th Mexican. I am also 1/8th Spanish from Spain. I also have 1/4 French, (That's a bad one huh?) and 1/4 Sicilian.
My one Seasonal Full Time employee is a 1/2 Black and 1/2 White Male. My Part time "seasonal employee" is a female, Indian of Northern Cheyenne tribe who is related to me by marriage.
I pay them the best I can and when they are sick or need minor Medical attention, such as a cold or flu, I pay for it out of my pocket. They are paid a Per-Dium for travel to and from work. They have cell phones. We are simple hard working "Laborers" if you will. I am looking to invest a hourly rate for them to recieve every year as long as there are no injuries in the field (or L & I claims) that would give them on average $2,000 - $3,000 to maybe buy a car or a house. I can't think of any Republican CEO's that are willing to seperate from the money or profits that they make.
I also want you to know that I buy the best equipment for use in the field. I will never let them down. Can you say that of your employer?
It only gets better!

Fair enough. I didn't say you were an asshole, just that the article left a lot of interesting questions unasked. But most CEOs, Republican or otherwise, do in fact offer their employees proper benefits, though not as many as used to.

I answer the phone for a small law firm, and have had several calls inviting my boss to have dinner with President Bush. Now I know the price tag. I want to harrass the person on the other line, but then I realize he or she is probably calling from a prison phone bank in Texas.

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