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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Terrorists Take Note

Posted by on March 22 at 15:41 PM

Today ETA (the Basque independence movement’s isolated, weak, and politically irrelevant terrorist wing) has declared a cease-fire and Catalonia struck a deal with Spain for greater official autonomy. In their struggles for linguistic and political independence against fascist (Franco-era) and post-fascist Spain, the Basque Country nurtured its terrorist organization while Catalonia worked slowly and steadily for political solutions.

Today, far more Catalans speak Catalan than Basques speak Basque and Catalonia has more political independence and political clout both in Spain and the EU.

Of course there were political machinations and deals and every terrorist group is its own animal, but terrorists might want to examine the Basque-Catalan nationalist movements as an object lesson in what you can—and can’t—achieve by assassinating perceived enemies and blowing up busses.

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Your Catalonia link is not working.

It's bad enough Barcelona gets no respect in your for its superlative planning and sidewalks. This is adding insult to injury.

Jordi! Com va? The link should be working now. Sorry. Visca, etc.

Let terrorists take note.

Now, how about tax-paying Americans, whose military's budget surpasses that of the rest of the world's combined?

Whose government pours, now, $10 billion a month into blowing up people and property in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Whose UN representative just got out-voted nine-thousand-million-to-four (or something) over establishing the primacy of human rights?

Whose government's idea of "diplomacy" (to quote the current President's daddy) is, "What we say goes"?

Is there anything we could learn from the Catalans?

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