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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Sugar Daddy For Real

Posted by on March 9 at 15:16 PM

Read this:

Property tycoon Donald Trump has sparked controversy after declaring he would date his sexy daughter Ivanka if they were not related. Trump insists he would be comfortable if the 24-year-old model decided to strip off for men’s magazine Playboy, because he would be the first to ogle her if he wasn’t her dad. He says, “If she posed, it would be fine. She does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if she wasn’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

And then look at this. Incest is a fire that only burns those who are stuck in the middle of the class spectrum. The very rich and the very poor have the freedom to touch and taste the flames of this unearthly desire.

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oh god this is worse than the wolf eel that schmader posted yesterday hueck i am ill

Goddamn, how am I going to live now that I have gouged my eyes out with a spoon?


Just... eeew.

You have succeeded in making me even more revolted by The Donald than I was previously, which I thought was no longer possible. Congratulations.

The most entertaining thing about The Apprentice is watching all those sycophants suck up to Donald. It doesn't seem to matter how inane his comments or jokes, they'll nod or laugh in unison.

You know the Donald is total bullshit, don't you? He owes hundreds of millions of dollars to banks over his failed real estate and casino "empire". They're keeping him afloat because they can't afford for him to fail. His job is "TV personality".

Which would be worse, to wake up one day suddenly an adolescent girl, and discover you're Donald's daughter, or Woody Allen's?

Oh, Trump's, easily.

I mean, at least Woody Allen has made some pretty good movies. There's that kind of respectability there.

That dude is gross. What a frickin' inappropriate the to say about your daughter...pig!

but knowing Ivanka (I went to high school with her) she probably didn't understand half of what her father said, so it's all good.

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