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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

She’s No Ann Coulter, But Oy Vey…

Posted by on March 28 at 12:55 PM

Huffington Post has brought us more “news” regarding supremely irritating women today, such as MySpace egomaniac Tila Tequila.

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no comprendo. how is that clip the least bit interesting?

It isn't, which is why it baffles me that she continues to grow in popularity. Perhaps I'm being too harsh. Maybe her new record is really fantastic.

Hey Wags--Are you Paul Moomaw? I used to manage your band!

Wow, that little minky wankstain makes Paris Hilton look like Pablo Picasso. But I agree -- why feed the beast? I mean, I understand why Tucker Carlson likes her--because he's a cartoon himself--but you?

What's the mystery? She's the tits-and-ass model of the next 15 minutes. Jessica Simpson, Scarlett Johansen, Lindsay Lohan, ad infinitum. Haven't you been paying attention?

But all those fine, fine bitches at least produced some kind of a product first. You may not be a big fan of Jessica Simpson records, but they do exist. Scarlett Johansen's been in a couple of decent movies. This Tiny Bubbles or whatever her name is hasn't even done as much as Paris Hilton.

Tits and ass is everywhere. There are girls standing outside this building right now who are hotter than Dildo Taboggan here, but they're not getting interviewed by Fucker Carlson.

If they suck enough dick and grease enough palms, they will be interviewed in the next 15 minutes. And then it's your turn!

She's awful. I'm originally from Seattle but live in LA now. I see her everywhere. Brainless. She is basically the essence of LA.

I'm fresh out of grease, so I guess I'll have to let someone else have my turn.

Uhm...isn't that Tila Nguyen? She's wank fodder all over the internet.

I keep waiting for her to show up in hardcore porn.

HL: Nope, I'm not Moomaw, but I'm proud to say I know the lad.

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