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Saturday, March 25, 2006


Posted by on March 25 at 18:25 PM

In his account of Kerlikowske’s press conference, Tom reported:

The man returned in about 10 minutes. He spraypainted the word “NOW” on the sidewalk and steps of neighboring homes, before approaching the home where the party was taking place. He was carrying a pistol-grip 12-gauge shotgun and a semi-automatic handgun.

Creepy coincidence. Because on Deacon’s on-line journal, the one Megan just posted of an apparent victim, Deacon wrote:

I dont know how many parties i will be attending in the near future, but my guess is not that many. I could rant and air my complaints and critisisms of parties, but that is a whole separate and equally long post. In short, parties nowadays SUCK BALLZ, and I’d rather save my money, for more important things, like getting my own place. So….. basically
I feel like something needs to happen. NOW. something drastic.

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I'm pretty sure that Deacon was one of the victims, not the shooter.

I'm saddened that the reporting techniques are formulated around coincidental word choice and heresay, not concrete facts.

Please try to consider in the future that posting things like this is only going to leave a bad taste in people's mouths. Please consider that it's quite dishonoring to this person's memory, their family, and their friends by making accusations like this.

It is not an accusation of anything. It is, as Josh wrote, a very sad coincidence. That one of the victims and the shooter emphasized that word—it's another creep coincidence in a case that has been crawling with them since the start.

anon -- this is a blog. not a news site. check a news site if you want concrete information without opinions or speculation.

Some pertinent information within the above excerpt was omitted!

From Deacon's Myspace Blog:

"So..... basically I feel like something needs to happen. NOW. something drastic. I’m going to go insane if it doesn’t. I am thinking about doing something really drastic to FORCE the next step to happen. I think hitch-hiking cross country, or something like that would definately do the trick, but I really don’t want to fuck up all possibility of a normal, sane life."

And I quote: "NORMAL, SANE LIFE"

Some spelling and gramatical errors have been changed


this is all beginning to sound a lot like Gus Van Sant's next movie...

Just to be clear: Josh did not state or imply that Deacon was the shooter. He was the victim. He noticed that both had emphasized the word "now," one on his homepage, one on the sidewalk. It was another sad, creepy, eery detail of this tragedy.

Josh's use of "apparent victim" was in reference to the fact that we did not have, and still do not have, a confirmed list of the dead.

Dan is correct. I said "apparent victim" because I didn't have confirmation at that time whether Deacon was one of the victims. I certainly wasn't implying that he was the suspected shooter.

Deacon's friends were posting on his page as if he was one of the victims, and so, his diary entry struck me as another chilling irony in this sad story.

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