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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I Did Not Know This Was Possible

Posted by on March 30 at 11:42 AM

A baby in Pakistan was born pregnant with twins. I wonder what pro-lifers would say …

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I don't think the fetus was pregnant-- I think the other fetuses (feti?) were just imbedded... the doctor refers to them as triplets.

"Pregnant" isn't the word you're looking for. The dead fetuses were not in her uterus, which is probably about the size of a pin-head. They were just inside her body cavity. And of course they weren't her fetuses; they were her twins.

Well, I feel dumb. Thanks for correcting me.

Well, I feel dumb. Thanks for correcting me.

And now I feel dumber. For posting twice. Quite a start to an afternoon.

still were the feti alive? and if they were, still, what do the pro-lifers say?

Wasn't a two headed baby just born in Pakistan? are the women there not getting enough folic acid, or is India dumping Thelidamide (sp?) in their water? If Carnivale wasn't canceled they'd be holding a casting call in Islamabad.

Jen, if that's the dumbest thing you do all day you'll be ahead of me. Earlier I injured myself on a bagel.

The fetuses were not alive.

That's not to say the sharia-drunk kooks in Pakistan won't be able to find some sort of moral lesson in this.


Since only 3 sperms hit the mark in this case, i think the pro-lifers are devastated over the deaths of about 40 trillion other sperm. don't forget, you commit genocide every time you spank yer wank, which makes the girls on Baywatch the most prolific killers of all time. (girl in Rock the Cradle of Love video is a close 2nd place)

Longball, you get mad props for the Carnivale reference.

As a pope, I have only one thing to say about this:

I wonder if the parasitic twins had hair and teeth.

they often do, you know.

When the other two feti were aborted, they'd say, "Shit, we just lost two votes!"

Good gravy... the article *said* the feti died at about 4 months, so they weren't "aborted." It also said they were, in fact, inside the baby girl's womb rather than in her general body cavity. Must be some kind of strange parasitsm/conjoinment thing... Which means probably only one spermy.

(I'm still curious about the "extra head" removed from the little south american girl a few years ago... maybe it *was* sentient, but just could talk, not having a windpipe and all. The pro-lifers never said a thing about that one.)

Developmental biology is cooooooool.

duuuuh... just *could NOT* talk

Erm, the article did NOT say they were inside the baby girl's womb, because they weren't. The womb referenced was the momma's.

The "four months" refers to "after conception" not "after birth".

I can't remember what the word is for the gnarly twisted hunk of hair and teeth that fairly often shows up in or next to a newborn, but the phenomenon is really gross. Though some scientists think it's going to cure cancer (they're like stem cells on steroids).

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