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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Huffing Suspect of the Year

Posted by on March 22 at 8:59 AM

First, if you haven’t yet watched the video Savage wrote about, do it. That lady’s impassioned lucidity almost made me cry.

Then, when you need something ridiculous to take your mind of the mess of the world, come back and gaze upon this amazing mug shot:


Bestowed upon the world by The Smoking Gun, the shot features Ohio’s Patrick Tribett, who was arrested on suspicion of “abusing harmful intoxicants” after attempting to make a purchase at a Dollar General Store. Tell-tale signs of Tribett’s alleged intoxication: constricted pupils, sluggish speech, and, uh, the gold spray-paint all over his face.

Full story here.

Speaking of celebrity huffers (alleged and otherwise): Have you seen Citizen Ruth lately?

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It looks like he's been kissed by God.

... or had his way with the dead girl in Goldfinger, ewww.

He's the man, the man with the Midas touch...

He's kind of hot except for the drug hair, the crazy eyes, and, well....

Also: I am NOT a problem paint-huffer and I *still* can't make it to the gym but once every week or so.

From IMDB comments:

Laura Dern's Fine Butt

first off i would like to say that this movie was great. but really, did anyone else notice how nice Laura Dern's booty was? i never noticed, nor would i have guessed at how great it was from other movies i've seen her in. all i have to say is wow at that scene where she is in the car taking the cassette out of the car radio. one of the best bend-over scenes i've seen.

please, no pervert remarks. i just simply like a nice butt.

I understand, IMDB user. I had a similar response to Miranda July's aesthetically pleasing and exceedingly well-showcased butt in You and Me and Everyone We Know. And I'm a homo.

However, your characterization of Citizen Ruth as having "one of the best bend-over scenes i've seen" is mildly incriminating, implying you have a list--mental or otherwise--of cinema's great "bend-over scenes." Which seems to demand remarks about perviness.

The gold get's you waaay higher than any color. If there's no gold, white will work in a pinch.

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