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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Graffiti is the New Potholes

Posted by on March 7 at 12:44 PM

Yesterday’s State of the City Speech by Mayor Greg Nickels was a lackluster, hackneyed reiteration of familiar promises and tired tenth-grade speechwriting clichés. Read my column tomorrow to find out more.

In the meantime, here are a few Al Runte-esque rhetorical misfires from the mayor’s speechwriting arsenal:

“We have weathered the storm of the last five years and are prepared to sail with the wind at our back toward a future full of hope and confident that we are headed in the right direction.”

Like the infinite diversity of life itself, the diversity of our home is the foundation of our strength.”

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a lot of graffiti around our city.”

We can glance over our shoulders at the heights we have scaled and proclaim we’ve reached the high point. Or we can keep our eyes focused on the road ahead, draw strength from all that has been accomplished in this city, and say now is the time to build an even stronger Seattle. That is the road I choose.”

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Graffiti ARE the new potholes.

i thought the crackhead was the new pothole.

What an unbelievably ridculous sounding bunch of hogwash... yesterday I watched them butcher 17 trees
from Occidental Park to make way for Westlake Mall stylee pavers - get ready for the Bellevuization of Pioneer Square. And if we let him have his way with the waterfront, then Seattle will REALLY never be the same again... HE SUCKS!!!

Barnett QUOTING Nickels'Speech:

“We can glance over our shoulders at the heights we have scaled and proclaim we’ve reached the high point..." SNIP

I will admit I have a debilitating hangover today, and after reading that little ditty, I managed to retch a just eaten lunch into my office wastepaper basket.


If you've reached the high point of the heights you've scaled, shouldn't you be looking *down* on them?

“We can glance under our armpits at the heights we have scaled and proclaim we’ve reached the high point..." YERK.

I AGREE. We need to stop this Nichols guy. I WANT homeless people taking over the downtown parks. Then FINALLY all the residents and business can give up an move to Bellevue. And while were at it, lets ban public music during the summer at gasworks..oh yeah, we won that too! Pretty soon we can all sit in our homes and watch TV, our dream come true, Seattle can be JUST LIKE DES MOINES, Iowa!!! YEAH!! Are you with me!!??!!

The speech sucked and was really cornball cheese but I like the Mayor.

The waterfront concept plan was developed over a 3 year process with thousands of people particpating in forums, charettes and public meetings. It is NOT a give away to developers. There is almost no new development capacity with tearing down the stinky old crumbly viaduct and building a tunnel. But there will be a lot of new open space in the public realm.

Here is the other reason I like our Mayor. He kicks ass!! He has gone in and fought like hell for Seattle with the US Senate and Congress and with the Gov and state legislature.

I am fucking sick of all these Seattle apologists who never want to fight for us. Our Seattle delegation of the state leg. is about as lame and whimpy as you can get (w/ a few exceptions). I am sick and tired of these people backing down to Eastern Washington. GO GREG GO! Kick some more ass for Seattle!

I would NEVER believe in this mayors' vision. He doesn't have any... Take a look at the north end of the waterfront. How could one believe that there would be " almost no new development" on prime property in a city surrounded by new development. Vision from a mayor who manages to clear development under the name of "city parks" in the heart of Pioneer Sq? I doubt it. There was also years of effort to save the park in Pioneer Sq. Now we get pavers and new development in the adjacent parking lot.

We were financially burned on Sound Transit Phase One and I believe Nickels (someone please correct me if I am wrong here) had financial oversite at the time. The project almost melted down due to cost overruns. Today we are contining you pay for a lack of oversite...which amounted to an additional $1.3 billion or so in cost to that project.

We also have just been surprised by a 40% increase on the Fire Levy project where the Mayor and his staff had costed and proposed to the city. The Mayor graciously accepted responsibility for the cost overrun during a recent Ask The Mayor program on the Seattle Channel. Well, it is nice of him to accept responsibility, but what really does that mean? Are he and his staff are going to take a pay cut to make up the difference? I don't really think so. It is an empty statement. Why should I begin to trust someone who makes empty statements?
I don't and you too shouldn't trust them.

I'll be happy to continue if you'd like, however I think you are beginning to get the gist. I can't find any reason to support Nickels. In my opinion he has proven to be an exceedingly poor administrator of the city's business.

We should all be very careful and exceedingly critical of any proposals coming from his office. I do suspect many others, aside from myself, are becoming exceptionally tired of being burned by this fellow.


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