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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It’s In the PI: Teenagers Aren’t Adults!

Posted by on March 28 at 12:07 PM

Super weird headline and story in today’s PI.

The headline is: “All-ages raves often trouble for young girls.”
The story fails to deliver on the alarmist headline, and so, just feels like an alarmist headline.

In fact, the only concrete thing the article says about raves actually highlights why all-ages shows are part of the solution for teenagers, not part of the problem. The PI writes:

Raves can offer protection not found at unsupervised keg parties, parking lots and other teen hangouts. The parties can come with insurance policies and security charged with helping to keep kids safe.

As for zooming in on the specific problems that young girls (as opposed to boys?) face, the article has nothing to say other than this vague assessment from a local child psychologist: adolescent girls aren’t ready to handle privileges that adults enjoy.

Stop the presses.

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It's 6am and a fourteen year old girl is at a drug party with intoxicated twenty year olds.

...nothing to see here, keep moving along..

Gender inequality aside for a moment; 14 or 15 year olds should probably not be at an all-ages party until 7 in the morning, regardless of whether they are male or female.

However, since this article presents a one-sided representation and goes on to claim that girls are ill-equipped to deal with adult-responsibility; by default, does that mean that teenage boys ARE ready for those privileges? When are girls, then, ready to have adult responsibilites and privileges bestowed upon them? 20? 21? Maybe girls should be kept indoors and made to wear burkas in public? That will keep 'em safe, right?

You guys keep talking about the house party. But the PI article purports to be talking about raves.

Surely there's some middle ground between "partying with dudes twice her age" and "burkas".

FNARF - there is middle-ground, it's called "parenting." I don't claim to know the family situations of the teens who were murdered, but I do wonder how many kids have gotten revised curfews this week.

Alright the article definately could have been thought about before written. I know as a 16 yr old male in the mid 90's I went to raves and was honest with my parents. They didnt appreciate me being out that late and all that but they would much rather me do that then going to a house party and getting smashed then trying to drive home. I used to party at naf, and the warehouses off of first, and then the x center when they opened that never once felt out of place or that I shouldn't have been there. I guess my point is that you cannot make a gereralization to an entire group of people like the media is doing with this. A person is a person and only they really know if they can handle the pressures.

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