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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Freshening the Airwaves

Posted by on March 22 at 11:24 AM

Stranger associate editor/writer Charles Mudede and My Philosophy columnist Larry Mizell Jr. are in negotiations with KEXP’s John Richards to host their own Seattle-centric hiphop program on the influential station.

The two rap authorities meet next week with Richards to sort out the details of the proposed show. Mudede hopes they can secure at least 30-60 minutes a month to air music from Seattle’s burgeoning hiphop scene, which has been drawing international attention over the last few years. He stressed the importance of his and Mizell’s access to local luminaries’ works in progress. “This show will allow us to get material early from the streets, old-school-style, bringing it from the [artists’] studios to the airwaves,” Mudede says. Stay tuned for future developments.

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In a way that "Street Sounds" doesn't?

I hate to open pandora's box here but hasn't the local music community been whining about more hard rock/metal?

No, just the one prog rock band with a forum account. Everyone else wants more hip-hop. Good stuff. Good to see Larry and Charles at the Ghostface show last night supporting. Though Larry and his boys need to stay out of my Bushmill's next time we do anything together. Jeesh.

Hmmm... really Dave? Last time I stumbled around the dial there were already 3-4 stations devoted to hip hop/r&b. So yeah, I guess what we need is another show to further delve into that vastly unrepresented genre.

When was the last time you heard bands like Akimbo or Big Business on the radio?

30-60 minutes? A month???

In what parallel universe does KEXP support local music, again?

Details still have to be determined, so those figures could be way off. 30-60 minutes/week would be better, for sure.

Details still have to be determined, so those figures could be way off. 30-60 minutes/week would be better, for sure.

"Street Sounds" is awesome, but there's plenty of room for more hip hop. Agreed, we don't need any more HiphopslashrnbMTV nationally supported Billboard music play. But any further focus on local music, particularly hip hop, particularly during the week, particularly hosted by these guys, is welcome. Needed, even.

An hour a week! I'd listen.

i used to volunteer at kexp a lot. a friend of mine kept bugging me to pass along the word that b-mello should be fired. for fans of local hip-hop (and underground hip-hop, in general), a new show would definitely be appreciated.

that said, i hate block programming and wish it would be minimized.

shit, was that your bottle dave? i need my liks when i'm in bellingham, man!

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