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Saturday, March 25, 2006

First-Hand Account of Shooting

Posted by on March 25 at 17:00 PM

I found this message posted on a music forum, written by someone who was alledgedly at the party during the shootings, though I haven’t been able to confirm that. I blacked out the names, but left everything else as is. It’s pretty terrifying.

i was right here when it happened. it was the scariest hing ive ever experienced. ***** was there, my brother, his three friends, it was at an after party at tthis guys house, ***** and ***** and a couple other people. we all drank and played music and stuff, had a blast, then the party was calming down, some people were out on the front porch smoking, and i thought it was somebody banging really hard on the wall from out thtere over and over again, turned out o be gunshots, a guy opened the front dor to see why people were banging and a guy was laid up against the door with gunshot wounds all over his chest and stomach. he collapsed into the house and ttwo other people came in announced they were shot. then i heard more gunshots so i loked at my brother and said, “come on NOW!” and me him and **** and **** ran out he back dor as fast as we could and jumped a fence to the neighbors house. ***** was shot multiple times and maybe even killed, the police wouldnt release information on who was dead, shot, alive or anything. like 15 people, the only non wounded people, spend the entire day at he police station doing interviews and waiting and i guess this girl ***** was unaccounted for the whole time, not in the survivors section OR the wounded people. but i heard just in a conversatiotn the a police officer MIGHT have escorted her off the property. i dont know though because she should have been there with us. the guy though after shooting as many people as he could (he had a pistol and a shotgun) he shot himself through the head in the face with his shotgun. ive never seen someones insides exposed like that before, i was terrified, i thought for sure he and maybe even whoever might be accompanying him would bust up in the house right away and shoot up everyone, we just ran the other way as fast as we could. im SO glad to be alive and im also INFINITELY grateful that my brother or ***** or none of my brothers friends were hurt. i would have lost my mind if my brother got shot, or even any of his friends. ill work on getting the names of everyone else that was hurt or killed. i know that 7 were not killed, maybe 2 or 3, and then 3 or 4 seriously injured. anyways, i love you and i love life and i do know that this incident has ruined afterpartys for me forever, unless theyre at a venue with security searching people. seriously. well, i hope this brought you some comfort. i cant believe we were there, like 20 feet from a guy with a shotgun and a pistol just unloading on everyone. i shed tears on the ride home, out of appreciation to be alive and in memory of those who didnt make it. ok, ill talk to you in a minute probably. peace and love

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If this is verifiable, it is the best scoop all day.

You left a name in there...

I don't know, the end of that whole tale sounded a bit false. she knows that 7 didn't die, it was 2 or 3? then why is every single media outlet reporting 7 dead?

This guy seems to have been one of the victims:

What a horrible, horrible thing to have happen.

Seven dead, six killed by shooter, plus himself as suicide.

Lot of facts emerging - this account matches everything else being told.

Two persons locked themselves in a bathroom, the shooter blasted twice to get thru the door. The door held, they are alive, no wounds.

Some people heard the shots out on the porch and ran out the back door, over a fence and were sheltered by the across alley neighbor.

Good work -- Stranger crew.

Just because someone got the details wrong doesn't mean he or she isn't an eye witness. Eye witness testimony is nortouriously spotty. The person could have been there and not know everything that went down—indeed, he or she may not know as much at this point as people who weren't there, but who have been reading about it all day long. If the person were holding this person and interviewing him or her, they're not going to breif him on what they know to be the case.

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