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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Dear Sudden Printing: Let’s Do It In The Road!

Posted by on March 8 at 17:54 PM

After I reported Sudden Printing’s refusal to print posters for Members Only last week, I received this email response from SP President Rod Bristol:

My position is as follows: We have been a quiet, polite, behind the scenes supporter of the Seattle music business for many years. We have printed literally thousands of posters for the Showbox, Chop Suey, Poster Giant, Poster Midget, Obese Productions, and several other independent producers and bands, including the one that my son plays in. We offer good prices, quick turnaround, free delivery and I extend credit terms past the point of good business sense at times. I have several stores and I am not in every store every day so I cannot say for sure that company policy is always followed, but the policy is to not print posters with inappropriate four letter words in the text. I apologize if we have printed such material in the past without my knowledge. However, it is my goal to not print such material. The graphic artists who create the posters we print do a terrific job and rarely resort to four letter words to communicate their message. The poster designs are edgy and creative and push the bar on how to capture a ‘look’ with a one color printing project. We enjoy doing them. Finally, I apologize for offending Ms. Finstad. I should have called personally instead of using email to communicate with her regarding her project and will do so in the future if such an issue happens again. Sincerely, Rod Bristol President Sudden Printing, Inc.

A few initial thoughts:

1) I wonder what band his son plays in and whether he agrees with his father’s policies. Rod Jr., if you’re out there, I’d love to hear from you.

2) Did he look at the poster design for more than 10 seconds? The only message that “DJ Fucking in the Streets” sends is that “DJ Fucking in the Streets” is spinning that night. Granted, it’s a provocative moniker, but it’s a DJ name, nonetheless—not an actual endorsement of public fornication.

3) Does he really think he’ll have to call Finstad in the future when she’s already said she’s taking her business elsewhere? Too little, too late, Mr. Bristol.

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i think you're being kind of an asshole to him. you speak about him such disdain, one would think that he was walking around ripping down the posters, or that he was a conservative nutjob. he obviously cares a lot about what he does and that he has tried to have a consistent policy.
the whole thing seems like a non-issue being blown out of proportion.

I kind of agree. The guy whose feet should be in the fire is over at Poster Giant. Saying "sorry, I don't want to print that, please go elsewhere" is one thing, as long as there IS an elsewhere -- but tearing posters down and threatening people with a staplegun is quite another.

Gee, I'd have to third - I can almost hear you saying nyaah ah ah... when adding the last link for a competitor. Kinda spitey, arencha? Feels a little like power playing there... and, really, who cares what his son thinks.

I agree with the above. He doesn't want to print it and explained patiently and in thorough detail why he doesn't want to print it, and you don't agree with his answer: he won't print posters with "djs fucking in the street," and you think he should. This is a nonissue. Leave him alone.

Fucking is not a four letter word its a seven letter word . How can they enforce the four letter word policy on a 7 letter word .

some good points.

i agree that poster giant is definitely the bigger fish to fry here. they're excercising an effective monopoly in their field, whereas sudden printing is definitely not. it would be nice to see venues, promoters, and media outlets discuss how to share the public space of our utility poles fairly.

that said, i think it's worthwhile to publicize the fact sudden printing is owned/run by a conservative who censors the free speech of his customers. i don't think that's cool, so i won't support his business, and i'll encourage my friends not to either. other people can take this information and do as they wish.

and yes,

4 letters = bad
7 letters = good

I know if I decided to call myself DJ Fucking in the Streets and nobody ever banned me I'd be pretty disappointed. Trying to be provacative when there's nobody upholding any standards is like punching air, you know?

He should change his name to "DJ FLICKING IN THE STREETS" and then insist on san serif and really tight kerning.

as much as i support freedom of speech, i also support a private business owner's decision to run his or her establishment in the manner they see fit.

and, come on, let's be real here: FUCK is an expletive. a word that is "obscene and profane." that's a FACT. and, when using such language, one must be prepared for the consequences.

personally, i love to swear. but i don't expect others to enjoy it or condone it, for that matter. that is freedom. there are a million print shops in town; this is much ado about nothing.

right ... so owner of SP takes time to apologise and explain why SP refused printing FUCK in a logical and reasoned way, and the best you can do to retort is say, " it's not fuck, it's fuckING, and it's a name not the word ."


so by your reasoning they shouldn't refuse printing posters by DJ KILL FAGS, and DJ RAPE LITTLE GIRLS, or DJ SHOT A NIGGER.

well guess what. it's a private business, and they can refuse to print whatever they want.

This issue exemplifies one of the many problems plaguing society today. The president of Sudden Printing made a decision not to print what is considered offensive language. He took the time to explain his position and apologize for not doing so in his earlier message.

Instead of accepting the missive in the spirit in which it was sent - Ms. Finstad feels that he should be boycotted and Ms. Levin obviously agrees.

Furthermore, the disctinction between fuck and fucking is a non-issue. The problem refers to the root of the word, fuck. I doubt Mr. Bristol has issue with gerrunds as a whole.

No need to beat a dead horse here. I agree with others that the attack on SP is unfair.

Coincidence: Rob Bristol was all but ready to offer me a job when I was unemployed a year ago. However, once he called, I had already been hired elsewhere. Too little, too late. Nice guy, though.

And I'm piling on. This is a standard policy in many places, and could damage his business' credibility if someone of higher sensibilities came in to do business and saw posters that said DJ Fucking In The Streets sitting in plain sight on the counter. I don't blame him, and if you're gonna pick on him, you should pick on other businesses that would do the same thing, like FedEx Kinko's.

Go ahead, ask CEO Gary Kusin what he thinks about printing four letter bombs on posters.

Now that Sudden Printing has responded and explained themselves everyone suddenly (no pun) thinks Hannah is over reacting... Her article was well written, and although Poster Giant is by far the worse of the two evils, the Sudden Printing fiasco was completely rellevent in her article as another example of a company trying to interfear with what goes on the poles. Although Kristen and I had the ability to take our business elsewhere, it was just a bit shocking that it even came to such a point.

FITS plays ALL over this city and his name is constantly in the papers and on the poles... it just amazed me that Sudden Printing wanted to distance themselves from this job because of the word fuck. I would understand their personal confliction if their logo was on our poster, or if they were sponsoring our event, but COME ON, we were basically just paying them for some freaking ink like we have done in the past...

Since there are other places to print fliers, does this make it ok for a company to decide what is morally ok and what is not? If it were illegal I wouldn't blame them for refusing to print a poster, but DJ Fucking in the Streets name is allll ovveerrr.... (We also wrote "Cheap Ass Drinks" I wonder if that hit a sore spot with them as well... sidenote... )So legal vs. illegal I get, but G-rated free speach vs. PG-13 free speach seems a bit Salt Lake City to me. Would that be cool if they didn't want to print a John Kerry poster during the elections because that interfiered with their moral beliefs?

I don't think they are horrible people, and I am not calling for a city wide boycott of their business, I just think they need to let the responsibility of what promoters are printing lay on the promoters that are hiring them.

Amy Dials
Doubledutch PR


NOBODY is "attacking" Sudden Printing. We live in a community where people can do or say or think or feel whatever the fuck they want, and generally they'll find a sect in this city that thinks like-mindedly. THANK GOD FOR THAT.

Of course Rod Bristol can do his best to keep 4-letter explitives from being printed in his store, but as far as I am concerned, I don't want to take my business to a company that supports views that are as conservative as his.

Anyone that is walking down the streets where our flyers are posted that can read the word "FUCKING" should be old enough to know what it means, and that it's not a bad word. It's an expression of an act that *hopefully* we all regularly take part in.

So now obviously you all know that you can keep taking your posters to a nice, respectable company with great moral values and i'm sure you'll get a smile and nod. Hannah, Amy and I all just wanted those of you that happen to deal with four-letter curse words in your everyday life (business and personal) that this company doesn't agree with you, and that you're bound to find another company (KINKOS included, GOMEZ) that doesn't care that you are going to use their paper to plaster the streets with whatever obsceen, slanderous propoganda you intend.

I will say in defense of Sudden Printing that they offer cheap quotes, quick turn around and great quality. (Hell I even have a friend that works for him that I've known since the 4th grade!) There is no sabotage in the works here, just an effort to create awareness of a conservative company in a liberal town. I doubt his business will be harmed by the Stranger article. If nothing less, the businesses he has worked with sharing his views will applaud his morals. That is all.

Sorry for the run-on sentances.

Side note: I hope to GOD that after printing flyers, none of you are supporting PosterGIANT. They're the real corporation that deserves a good boycott.

imagine this for a sec...
your friend asks you to help put up some flyers for his/her's fun and he/she asks you to do it again for some extra cash.another band sees you putting up flyers everywhere and they ask you to put up some of theirs while youre at agree and pretty soon a few different bands and venues are paying you to put up their flyers cause theyre stoked on your service.

I would almost bet thats how postergiant started and thats why its still around.They provide a service and if you want to use it great.if not,great.Its that simple.

Fuck the gossip and slander!

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