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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Beards, people!! BEARDS!

Posted by on March 23 at 10:41 AM

What have I been telling you?!?!

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Great. Any time the NYT comments on any trend it is ruined forever.

Now we're all going to have to divide ourselves into beard microcultures.

"So, are you a bear-beard or a fashion-beard?"

For the record I've sported mine since 2001. For all the good that does me while making anonymous posts in a weblog comments section.

Does this mean I'll have to stop shaving my ankles?

Yes, FNARF. Show me your beard, B! Let's turn this into a gallery.

Aw crap, and I just shaved mine off a couple of months ago.

So, does that put me behind the trend or ahead of it?

Mine comes and goes, depending on my level of laziness, or the availability of a good razor. On my drivers license i look like Taliban Stan.

What is strange about this trend, for me, is that I am digging the beards. I used to HATE facial hair. Now I dig it. This proves my mind is not mine.

Hey Xutech, the real way to love beards is to have a guy with a nice full one eat your ass six ways from Sunday. Trust me, you'll go from diggin' 'em to demanding 'em. All the time....

God bless you, Cori. xoxo

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