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Friday, March 31, 2006

2112 E Republican: Soon to rent

Posted by on March 31 at 16:13 PM

I just spoke with Thomas Wilkerson, property manager of the blue home at 2112 E Republican. What will become of one of Seattle’s most notorious crime scenes? “Right now, we’re going through the insurance process and once it gets cleaned it’ll be back up on the market for rental,” said Wilkerson. He said he expects that to take “a month or more.”

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Must be a real slow news day...

there is psychopath murder rampage home owners insurance?

I didnt know anyone in the incident, but does anyone else find this severely fucked up?

Why? It's a house. There's no such thing as ghosts. No, the friends and family of the victim are unlikely to be queuing up to sign a lease, but there are a couple of million people in the Seattle metropolitan area. And someone might very well have been murdered right in the room you're sitting in now.

Hold on to your memories of the people who are gone, and cherish the people who are still here. But don't make a fetish of the house. Don't empower the horror like that.

this isn't NEWS... fuck.

Um, Ralphie, the SLOG isn't a news site.

"empower the horror" ie OMGZ the terrorists are w1nn1ng!11!1

Seriously, a bunch of people were slaughtered all over a house, most people won't want to live there. If it ever goes up for sale on the market I can guarantee you no one will buy it for near what its appraised at, which is $500,000. Most people do not want to live in a house where murders took place.

Its not empowering anything if you dont re-lease it. Also, perhaps the management company should wait a little longer than 1 month to do so.

But virtually every house in which a murder has taken place is currently occupied by somebody. Hundreds of thousands, millions of them. People live in the house my grandparents were killed in. They're not going to put a big sign on the front says "death in here". If you think about it, the house is a victim, too. It's a nice house.

Jen, someone from out of town who has no idea about the shooting would probably take it. Maybe even someone from in town. Despite the stigma, strip the memories away and it's just a house. It's livable and in a centralized, vibrant neighborhood.

A house is a house of course of course.

God bless all their souls, but this is still - thank the Lord - a market economy.

Just wondering, did the current person(s) renting it get kicked out? Or they themselves declined to continue living there?

The broke their lease with the owner, whom I am certain let them without penalty...

can't say I blame them.

Six smelly weirdos were sent to the great rave in the sky. Good riddance.

We've been working for a decade to rid Capitol Hill of the hippies and Broadway streetpeople a few murders isn't going to stop that.

The police have removed all the memorial teddy bears and trash that's been collecting around this place, probably because the neighbors complained.

They should start doing tresspassing arrests for anyone lurking around this house, till the hippies get the message - you're not wanted on Capitol Hill.

The Seattle Real Estate market is not going to penalize the owners, they could sell that place in a heartbeat and get a good price.

Unlike hippies, Seattle people are not superstitious, don't believe in ghosts, are not stupid Christians. They do believe in Real Estate appreciation and can spot a great property on a prime Republican Street location.

Is there any way you can block Hippie Hater by IP number?

hey hippie hater, those of us who used to party in that house before this group and my friends who used to rent it all had full-time jobs at microsoft and other great places. we wore funny costumes, had parties til 6 am in the morning, went to burning man, and generally were probably still the same kind of person you seem to be disparaging. we were respectable capitol hill denizens. like it or not, capitol hill is full of people who make plenty of money, respect the community around them and contribute fully, and are PHREAKS. get over it. we're buying, owning, and renting houses to other people here on capitol hill and we aren't planning on leaving anytime soon. in fact, we inject money into the community and do public service. what do you do?

and although a stereotypical hippie (from the 60s?) may be superstitious or believe in ghosts (don't know which ones you hang out with, doesn't sound like any), they generally don't tend to be Christians. also...those kids weren't hippies. do you even know what a hippie is these days? or are you just generalizing because it's easier to stereotype the things you don't really know anything about?

My thoughts exactly, Fnarf. There must be a way for the webmaster to block an IP. That was straight-up blatant trolling in Hippie Hater's comment and should be ignored.

Hippy hater does have a point (sort of). Broadway Street people are not property owing Microsoft employees, they are unemployed smelly losers that lower the property values of everyone.

I doubt most Microsoft employees want to own residential property next door to a rental with kegs on the porch and parties till all hours.

There are plenty of other ways to host fun costume parties, and even Burning Man has a high entry fee that prevents unemployed losers from wandering in.

I doubt that 14yr old girl from Fife was a home owner, and I'd be suprised if random fourteen year olds like that would be welcome at most Microsoft functions.

There's plenty of Microsoft people who own homes on Capitol Hill that would agree (at least in private) with Hippie Hater.

the problem with a lot of these theories (besides the fact that this happened nowhere near Broadway) is that many of the people who go to these parties are over 30. we have day jobs. we go to "raves" (they aren't raves anymore, folks). pay attention, people. the phreaks are all around you.

just because we don't wear our piercings and tattoos where you can see them all the time doesn't mean we aren't partying til all hours of the morning. some are better than others about warning their neighbors or inviting them, keeping the crowd inside and the kegs off the front porch, and the hot tubbers in the hot tub.

considering neither of you know that the people at that party were "smelly" or "unemployed losers" (because the ones i know of weren't; i can't speak for the two under 18) and neither were the ones living behooves you to talk about people you do know living on capitol hill not working. even someone smart enough to have been following the news stories knows what three of the victims did for a living...yes, amazingly, men who partied held down full-time jobs. just like the rest of us phreaks.

want to talk to my neighbors? they are "normals" and they come to most of my parties. many people who live on capitol hill because they like the richness of diversity here. phreaks, gays, people of every color, microsofties. kinda neat, eh?

If I ever meet hippie hater in real life I will cripple him.

The Stranger hates hippies, and has been one of the only consistant voices of hippie hatred for a decade or more.

Hippies go to Burning Man and get all the smelly B.O. and naked chicks painted silver they need.

Hippy Haters need a acceptance just like everyone else and have counted on The Stranger to provide a balance, a place for hippy haters to have their say.

So don't go hatin' on the Hippy Haters just because they're different from you, wear deodorant, and don't enjoy the sight of silver painted cooter frolicking in the desert.

Hippie Hater,

To me you're really a twisted and confusing person. I’m an ex hippie type long hair who has lived on the Hill for 17 years, since my early twenties. Fortunately, I’ve had success and I’m able to own and live in one of these homes. Back in my twenties while living in a studio on Broadway, the music scene was nothing but incredible and the late night parties were plentiful, but never really too offensive. In deed from what I have read the neighbors of the blue house on East Republican have not made any negative comments about the group living in the blue house. The people killed and their friends that were impacted have all been described in the most positive terms; the strength of friendship they have in their community is something that can only be held in the highest regard. Is that not something for which any community should strive? Further, you said the neighbor’s complained about all the flowers and things left in memorial at the house, but I don’t believe that is even true as some of the people that I have spoken to are also in a state of shock and appreciate the memorial.

The Capitol Hill music and culture have for decades been a magnet for the creative wings of society be it artists, grunge, ravers, punks, hippies, etc. Even with all the weirdness you bemoan the neighborhood has never suffered in financial value. Have you considered that most individuals and families that choose to rent or own on the Hill do so to be close to these vibrant lifestyles? It sounds like you are a bit of a ‘right winger’ and I doubt you really are a neighbor of anyone on the Hill, as you don’t seem to have any appreciation for our neighborhood culture. Maybe you would feel more comfortable in a newer home in the suburbs?

Capitol Hill EF

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