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Friday, February 3, 2006

Won’t you give a gay sperm a good home?

Posted by on February 3 at 13:52 PM

I’ve just finished reading this article, entitled “God’s Senator,” in the current issue of Rolling Stone. It’s about Senator Brownback, which means it’s predictably bizarre (death penalty for abortion doctors, Christian rock, something called “‘faith-based’ eroticism”), but nothing we didn’t already know. One passage did stand out to me, though - about Brownback’s chief of staff, Robert Wasinger:

Wasinger is from Hays, Kansas, but he speaks with a Harvard drawl, and he is still remembered in Cambridge twelve years after graduation for a fight he led to get gay faculty booted. He was particularly concerned about the welfare of gay men; or rather, as he wrote in a campus magazine funded by the Heritage Foundation, that of their innocent sperm, forced to “swim into feces.”

It’d be fruitless to speculate about the amount of “innocent” non-gay sperm “forced” to “swim into feces.” But hey, can everyone get off feces’s figurative back for a minute? It’s just doing its job. It’s just feces.

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I am cracking up, dying over here.

And all this time I thought feces was running into my sperm.

Frankly, I feel sorrier for the poor sperm that have to swim around inside Mrs. Brownback and Mrs. Wasinger. Yech.

really fnarf,? that is so unfunny. somehow i find it easier to pity mrs. brownback and mrs. wasinger. not so much as i hate their husbands, but still.

maybe that's just me and i need to work on my sperm-empathy.

poor sperm. . .

nope, still not feeling it. but i'll keep trying.

You're right, that's not on target. My lack of sympathy for the basic human decency of Republican Ladies is showing. How about this: I feel sorry for those poor sperms that find themselves packed in tight inside the Senator and his aide's testes. Yeech.

Does the sperm have to swim through santorum before it even gets to the feces? What a journey...sounds almost like a seventh grade health class film.

thank you fnarf - i'd had the thought, but had not found the words. bless you for that image of the senator's congested balls.

hey, what about the poor sperm who are boiled to death in roiling acids of faggoty stomachs? is their anyone who cares about them? who will speak for those sperm?

"Does the sperm have to swim through santorum before it even gets to the feces? "

No, that's what happens on the US Senate. It's called "Fristing".

Actually, semen that isn't crapped back out shortly after anal sex is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Thank you, thank you—I'm here all week.

Yeah, yeah sperm and feces is great and all... but can we talk about the faith based eroticism for a bit.

"Dear Guideposts, I never thought it would happen to me. My loving husband of ten years soread my hot wifey hole open and shot a steaming load into my blessed womb, as we procreated according to His plan..."

that is to say "spread my hot..."

Just hearing or reading the word "Christian" causes me to lose my libido. Ugh.

Footnote to the real world ---

Sexually liberated and acting out - getting sex a lot and enjoying it a lot --- we think we have all the really great fantasies.

Truth - the repressed who thinkabout "it" and conjure every waking minute - they have it on us hands down.

This is a great fantasy - could only come from repression.

As we all know, butt fucking gay men learn to cope with soap and water.

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