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Friday, February 10, 2006


Posted by on February 10 at 17:39 PM

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to Slog at all today—I was out of town for two days, and had a lot of catching up to do, and a feature to edit.

I did want to respond to a guy who is currently ranting up a storm in our comments and forums. Paul writes…

Wake up Seattle. This Islam is not Kind Its a new Mein Kampf a new third reich and instead of Brown Shirts they where Veils and Turbons and even got their Kids doing the mohammed goosestep.

I’ve used the term “Islamo-fascist,” and I’ve been called a racist for doing so. I don’t think it’s racist—and it’s not a term applies to all Muslims. I do, however, think it applies to Muslims who want to force everyone else on earth to live by the strictures of their faith. Read Osama bin Laden’s letters to America—he’s a fascist. Thankfully, however, the term can only be applied to a small percentage of Muslims. You paint with too broad rush, Paul, and I would describe your rants as racist.

By way of evidence, I would point to the reaction of Seattle’s Muslim community to the Stranger’s decision to publish some of the allegedly “blasphemous” Mohammed cartoons. Their reaction? Well, so far as I can tell, it consisted of a giving a few quotes to a Seattle Times reporter. We’ve received no death threats, there have been no demonstrations outside our offices, and my head is still firmly attached to my shoulders.

American Muslims, Seattle’s Muslims—they get it, Paul. While the editors of other papers pussy around, worrying about giving offense, Seattle’s Muslims reacted to our decision to print the `toons in much the same way that Seattle’s Catholics reacted to our dying Pope cover: they shrugged it off. Sucking up the occasional dig, even the occasional blasphemous outrage, is part of the price of admission in our culture, and Muslims are no less capable of paying that price.

So it’s hardly fair to insist that all of Islam, or all Muslims, are fascist. Islam has a problem—a mosque was bombed today in Iraq by Muslims. But Islam, like Catholicism before it (which has a long history of coddling fascists), can right itself. The West can help Islam right itself by refusing to enact a double standard, i.e. to carve out an exception for Islam, when it comes to free speech, thought, expression, etc.

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I'm sorry I was Harsh and I do feel a little Racist,well maybe sounded a Lot like it,My mother (white)and my father would have calmed me down(he's Black). anyways I guess its just serving 15 years in the army can do to you.But i just want people to be just as outraged all over the world and get the same coverage when people have been massacred and tortured and raped by religous zealots including Islam.And it seems burning candles for hostages killed is all they can come up with.why dont they stir up debate in their communities and why dont they fight to free the innocence from the clutches of the insurgence.I dont meen with Guns but with harsh judgment or something.Maybe then the so called insurgents or freedom fighters in the name of Islam will listen and let that girl hostage go.And stop their onslaught of hinduism and bhudism in south asia.and let the Africans who dont want Islam influence to run their lives live in peace without a machete threatening their existence in the name of IslamNot everyone in the world wants to pray to the East towards Mecca 4 times a day.I'm sorry going off again I am but thanx for calming me down.I seen your Light .your cool Savage and before they get to you they will have to deal with me No fear man.sidenote---I do love Arabic Music and and since I was born till I was 25 felt somethin cool for that world.I even saw their points about Israel and whole fiasco.But now enoughs enough.They need to smokem Peacepipe in big chiefs tent so this young brave can trust them again. peace Seattle and muslim community I still love ya.

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