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Saturday, February 4, 2006

By Popular Demand…

Posted by on February 4 at 11:14 AM

Yes, Seattle, I will be live-slogging the Seagulls game tomorrow.

Check back here for constantly updated analysis of the big game starting at 3 PM. I will be cracking open a lucky bottle of Lillet—I was drinking le Aperitif de Bordeaux when our beloved Gulls triumphed over the Painters in what was, as it turned out, the Gulls penultimate football contest, and not the championship game, as I had mistakenly assumed.

Still, no other football commentator in the Northwest possesses more insight about the history, strategy, and complexities of the game than yours truly. Join me,, why don’t you, for what will surely be a memorable day of footballing.

UPDATE: Last minute shopping to do before the game? Need snacks and beer?


Today rioters set fire to the Danish embassy in Syria—and the Norwegian embassy too. Nice—you print a comic, we burn down buildings. At rallies in Islamic states, speakers are insisting that the protests will go on until every last one of the cartoonists, all of whom are now in hiding, is beheaded.

Give a shit about freedom of expression? Don’t want what you think, write, draw, and publish to be vetted by a bunch of religious fascists who long to live in the 14th Century? Like your women unenslaved, your speech free, your homos alive, your booze legal, your beard shaved, and your cartoonists headed?


I’m going to run out today—“Windstorm ‘06” be damned!—and buy a few cases of Carlsberg Beer for my Super Bowl party. You should too. I’m also going to get my kid some brand new Legos to put together, in case he gets bored watching the game. There’s always a nice selection of Danish cheeses at the QFC on Broadway, and I’m going to swing by and buy some. Mmm… cheese. Whatever you’re going to buy today, why not do the right thing?


UPDATE 2: Okay, we ran out and bought Danish. So we’re all set for the Super Bowl tomorrow—we’ve got tons of Danish beer, Danish cheese, and Danish crackers. We even drove around until we found a tin of those Danish butter cookies.


Going shopping for your own Super Bowl party? Support free speech! Piss off the theocrats! BUY DANISH!

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I think that will be quit a hoot, but perhaps even better if you have Dina Martina along as color commentator...

dan, do not forget the champagne of beers. union made!

What beer is that?

Im happy to see the Chicagoans cheering for our beloved Hawks.

BTW,we are getting dissed by all the fucking sportscasters. ESPN, HBO's Briant Gumble, even Bob Costas is picking the fucking Steelers. No one is showing our Hawks any love, and Hawk fans who showed up to Shitroit are getting mocked. I know, I am always promoting tolerance, but FUCK THE STEELERS!!

The beer Kerri is talking about is Miller High Life. That you are unaware of this proves there's a chance for us all. Or maybe gays don't drink domestics?

And we're with Houellebecq so far as Islam goes.

Danish cheeses are among the best - and at all grocery outlets.

Great ham too.

The contrat between civilization and barbarian enclaves is evident.

Seattle likes the game -- Pittsburg Steelers like the violence and the war.

Old machismo to the hilt of their hardons.

Seattle by 7 - Game of the decade....

Dan, what's your halftime prediction? Will the Rolling Stones have their mics unplugged when Mick Jagger sings lyrics from "Sweet Neocon"...

"You call yourself a Christian
I think that you're a hypocrite.
You say you are a patriot
I think that you're a crock of shit!"


I doubt they'll sing "Sweet Neocon." But if they do, there won't be calls for their decapitation—except on, of course.

one reason being that it would require a band saw to get through their leathery necks -- not being able to hack through on pure hate and muscle minimizes the pleasure of a beheading.

That looks like a sixer of Elephant
propping up the small bloc of Denmark's Finest. Be careful of
those Elephants...they will
quietly sneak up on you and turn
you into a drooling Buffalo!

Bon Appetit!


a footnote to my last post. i was about to close the petition to "not support denmark" and i noticed one of the people, uh, petitioning, from Pakistan who wrote "if I get a chance to kill a dane I will do so" this was below several posts claiming what loving peaceful people all muslims are.. creepy.

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