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Monday, January 23, 2006

Wedding Crashers—WTF?

Posted by on January 23 at 12:08 PM

So after hearing forever that Wedding Crashers is such a funny fucking move, I finally rented it last night. There were maybe five funny moments in the movie—or I should say, the parts of the movie I could sit through—because the thing quickly disintegrated into a sappy, predictable, lame love story instead of the fucked up, bad boy comedy I kept hearing about. What gives with this movie? Is the standard for cinematic comedy so dumbed down that this piece of shit passes as hilarious? Granted, I love Bad Santa and Old School and 40 Year Old Virgin had a lot of funny moments, but why is there always some stupid lesson or love story that has to ruin things in the end? Mean comedy is pretty damn funny…

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I miss these moments together.

Jennifer, on a totally unrelated note, I was surprised to see your review of a Coachwhips album in an issue of Vice. It was great seeing your name in there among all the anonymous reviewers.

I agree. This movie was not as good as people were saying.

I let movies age like fine wine. If people are still talking about it one, two, three years down the road, THEN I rent it and check it out. I find this leads to a more objective viewing.

Never, EVER believe the initial hype, and the resulting word of mouth from those who believe it, that comes out with a new movie.

I was really disturbed by Owen Wilson as the "romantic" lead, especially playing it opposite Rachel McAdams. Hollywood, please just give him weird supporting roles in Wes Anderson movies and leave it at that.

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