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Saturday, January 7, 2006

The Final Tally

Posted by on January 7 at 15:53 PM

Yikes. By the time Friday’s 5:00 deadline for applications to fill the city council seat formerly held by Jim Compton rolled around, 99 council hopefuls had put their names in the running, most of them almost literally at the last minute. The final batch of names includes dozens of political unknowns; several candidates - among them mayoral staffer Timothy Durkan, former council member Sue Donaldson, and two-time council candidate Robert Rosencrantz - who had long been rumored to be running; and a handful of new names that council members called “strong contenders,” among them Sally Clark, Stella Chao and Russ Brubaker. Council members will decide Monday on a strategy for selecting the top dozen or so candidates, and have until January 26 to choose Compton’s successor.

A full list of all the contenders is below the jump.

1 Norman Z. Sigler

2 Juan Jose Bocanegra

3 Peter S. Holmes

4 Angel M. Bolanos Orbe

5 Douglas A. Mays

6 Dolores Sibonga

7 Chris Blanchett

8 Aaron Shuman

9 Ramon Arjona

10 Robert Sondheim

11 John E. Manning

12 Darryl Smith

13 Orin O'Neill

14 Alfred Runte

15 Removed from list, not a Seattle resident.

16 Robert A. Zappone

17 Joann H. Frances, J.D.

18 Javier A. Valdez

19 Ed Pottharst

20 Gail Chiarello

21 Harriett G. Walden L.D.O.

22 Edward Song

23 Guy Burneko, Ph.D.

24 N. Darlene Madenwald

25 Larry K. Hettick

26 Karen Lebens

27 Sally J. Clark

28 Sharon Maeda

29 Venerria Lucas Knox

30 Michael Xavier Ford

31 Howard A. Monta

32 John P. Comerford

33 Russell Brubaker

34 Stella Su-Li Chao

35 David A. Hopkins

36 Evan RL Sutton

37 Sue Donaldson

38 Jack Edson Whisner

39 Alec Stephens

40 Lisa Kagan

41 Tim Durkan

42 Lucia C. Regan

43 Alon Bassok

44 Dennis Canty

45 Robert Rosencrantz

46 Bruce Bentley

47 David C. Bloom

48 John Eddy

49 Jan E. Brucker

50 Thomas Whittemore

51 Jo-Ann Christen

52 Bruce W. Nadig

53 Karen Gates Hildt

54 Charlotte Marie-Grace Carroll

55 Verlene Jones

56 Erik S. Tolzmann

57 Terry Hofman

58 Roger B.Valdez

59 Mark Hinshaw

60 Elizabeth J. Hovance

61 Glenn Hampson

62 Jason Stearns, PMP

63 Michael Peringer

64 Susan Harmon

65 John Power Davenport

66 Paul R. Rollins, JR

67 Jonathan D. Frodge

68 R. Lee Hatcher

69 Walter Zisette

70 Davidya Kasperzyk

71 Michael F. Fitch

72 Curtis C. Jackson

73 Sarah Schacht

74 Annsianne (Susi) Burdick

75 Bruce T. Herbert, AIF

76 Sam R. Sperry

77 Laura McAlister

78 Martin Henry Kaplan

79 Ross C. Baker

80 Sara Patton

81 Ali-Salaam Mahmoud

82 Kathleen Mary Mortenson

83 Patrick Doherty

84 Douglass S. Adams

85 Karla S. Clark

86 Barry J. Hibbing

87 Alice M. Woldt

88 Daryl J. Prevo

89 Venus Velazquez

90 Robert Stratton

91 Denise "Cookie" Bouldin

92 Bookda Gheisar, MSW

93 Brenda Hoskinson

94 Alan Lloyd

95 Selome E. Teshome

96 Cindy Simmons

97 Lorrie D. Scott

98 Joseph E Pasquarella Smith

99 Andrew D. Cull

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I am unfamiliar with Stella Chao. Why have you included her in the very short list of "strong contenders" and printed her name in boldface?

If the boldface is supposed to provide a link to another article or website, it's not working.

I don't know why Goldy isn't on the list. He told me submitted his letter and received an "Are you serious?" response from someone in City Hall. Maybe he said, "no."

Wow, that's a lot typing. It's disappointing the Council did not post this information itself.

There are some othere worthwhile names for the second round.
Bruce Bently, Mark Hinshaw, Alice Woldt and Thomas Whittemore.

Who will the council pick...


Lois who?

Lois common denominator

Is anybody else pissed off that this is how we fill vacancies? Councilmembers will pick someone who--A) They don't want to run against, or B) Someone weak who won't compete with them for the public's attention.

Darnit, I'm not on the shortlist? =)

the answer is yes

I think Stella Chao was bold-faced because she is someone who has been an active community member for some time. She's the Executive Director of the International District Housing Alliance and from what I understand is a social worker by training (meaning she's has a master's degree in social work from the UW.) I don't know her personally, but I've heard of her.

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