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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Still Undecided

Posted by on January 24 at 12:42 PM

So Nick Licata, defying expectations, is council president. What remains unresolved is who will take charge of which council committee. Usually, the council president heads a low-profile committee like government affairs; but Licata says he wants to keep control of public safety, a high-profile assignment. Meanwhile, Drago wants to take over transportation (Richard Conlin’s old committee), leaving Conlin (who thought he had the presidency locked up last December) with nowhere to go but government affairs (Drago’s old committee) or utilities (Jim Compton’s), which no one wants. Will Conlin, who already lost the presidency, get doubly screwed? Licata says he and Conlin are “discussing various options,” but wouldn’t detail what those options might be.

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I know Utilities seems unbelievably dull, but there's some interesting stuff there that I think Conlin could do something with. (I know trash issues aren't glamorous, but it's one of those core city services.)

Also, as we know, the Committees don't have to be just about one thing that melds nicely with another. They can be seemingly random (Public Safety AND Arts?), so Conlin might be able to fuse one of his interests onto whatever committee he gets.

Gimme a break -- Conlin should get transportation. It is a committee that deals with lots of complex and wonky nuiances which is a great place for his skills. Seattle has some major decisions to make on transportation this year. He also knows a shitload about energy issues so would also be good on the utilities but I think he should get to choose transportation if he wants it. Otherwise I would vote for him to take over the Urban Development and Planning Committee!!!

As far as Conlin’s potential assignment to the transportation committee–that should only happen if he can show he has the balls to push through some good projects. While I respect his right to his opinion, I have a hard time agreeing that he should get transportation, since his most notable transportation work in the last few years has been acting as an obstructionist to the monorail. Whoever gets that committee should be the person who can go out an lobby the regional and state politicians for help in actually getting something done, and I just can’t see him doing that.

You STUPID DOPES! dont you know Conlin has chaired Transportation for the last four years? I guess that says alot!!

Yes! Wreck it up Steinbreuck!!!
LuxuryBox is Richard Conlin.
And LuxuryBox has done a shitty job as transpo chair.

Conlin was an excellent chair of neighborhoods and I would love to see him do it again.

A lot, Peter Steinbrueck.

I guess that says a lot. ;)

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