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Monday, January 23, 2006

Slogdance 13 - Who wants a snack?

Posted by on January 23 at 22:24 PM

There’s almost a homemade quality to some of the hotel theaters that are housed in converted conference rooms with uncomfortable chairs. Same goes for the makeshift “Concession’s” counter.

Sundance theater.jpg

This one is for the proofreaders.

-Andy Spletzer reporting from the Sundance Film Festival

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Haha, where's Lynne Truss with her sharpie?

You have to wonder whether that sign was an accident or whether, by some quirk of fate, there was a guy with the last name of "Concession", who secretly was waiting for his chance to have a concession stand for a film, whereupon his dream of having "Concession's Concessions" would be realized.

So who knows, it might be perfectly correct grammatically, it might be the realization of a dream, and you folks would just be nasty little urban elitists for thinking otherwise.

I didn't mention the SECOND SIGN. There was a sign in the lobby where the apostrophe was pulled off. This could have been the work of someone who hated Mr. (or Ms.) Concession. This sign read "Concession s".

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