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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oprah Reams Frey

Posted by on January 26 at 10:08 AM

Oprah Winfrey skinned James Frey alive on her show today

“I really feel duped,” Winfrey told Frey on her television show. She said he had betrayed millions of viewers.

Winfrey began by apologizing to viewers for a telephone call she made to CNN’s “Larry King Live” show on January 11, while King was interviewing Frey about the controversy. In the call Winfrey said that even though the facts were being questioned, the book “still resonates with me” and called the controversy “much ado about nothing.”

“I regret that phone call,” she told her viewers on Thursday. “I made a mistake and I left the impression that the truth does not matter and I am deeply sorry about that. That is not what I believe.”

Jesus Christ, if Frey wasn’t really a crack addict before he wrote this book he’s going to be one after everyone gets through kicking the shit out of him. I’m starting to feel sorry for the guy.

UPDATE: Oh, the reaming is ever-so-much worse than the AP made it sound—and it wasn’t just Oprah doing the reaming. It was a freaking gangbang—Oprah, Frey’s publisher, Frank Rich, Maureen Dowd, and more. Go read Gawker’s live-slogging of the assjackhammering Oprah treated Frey to this morning. Christ!

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Yeah, poor guy lied, sold over 2 million books (and counting) and made a mint (AND he was already from wealthy parents). Where's the justice in this world?


Okay, now I don't feel sorry for the guy. Thanks for the intervention, Bunker.

He was also just a binge drinking, frat asshole.

Was kinda hot when he was younger though, I think.

if the reading is good, who cares? as long as you don't know him or have a presonal stake in the story and it's not being sold as journalism... why not just read it if the story is compelling and the writing good?

Josh should go on Oprah.

Bolo, apparently his publisher cares, since they wouldn't publish the novel as fiction, but would as memoir. People care because literary merit isn't the only reason people read things.

Thank you Bunker. And thank you Oprah. He deserved it.

Her Highness doesn't have total control of suburban housewives yet. She has no real idea what writing is in the first place. If she thinks every author who ever put out "non-fiction" was being totally objective , she's better off moving to the planet Argo with the rest of the scientologists. I cant see her having a problem with "honesty" in a person of creativy and meanwhile lauding people like Tom Cruise and the rest of these backwards fucks that consider themselves important members of our society.

Seems to me this show was more about Oprah-reputation damage control than any sort of genuine discussion about the blurry line between fact and fiction that's long been a part of literature. I mean, like most people I remember being told at a very early age to not necessarily believe everything I read or see because "truth" is not objective. It's pretty obvious this Frey guy figured he'd get a book deal and sell lotsa copies with a more dramatic, sensationalized memoir (hardly unpredecented in the world of literature), and while he can certainly and rightly be criticized for his con job, he's really, and rather unfairly, become a sacrificial lamb for a society that knows deep down the various "realities" they're presented with, and accept, are probably not so, but lash out with their righteous indignation when they're proven to be suckers (like Oprah). We know so-called "reality" shows are likely scripted to some degree (or dramatized via "creative editing') but we pretend they're real; we buy millions of albums by rappers based on notions of "street cred" and "keepin' it real" when who knows if the gangsta tales they tell to move units are true (Anyone fact check Jay-Z, Eminem, or 50 Cent albums?). Especially in that last example, the lines are blurred between fact and fiction but we listen because it's *GOOD ENTERTAINMENT* ... but when a writer is shown to have embellished a purported memoir to make a good read, we're aghast and he's demonized? This is more a reflection of us (and Oprah) and our self-delusion and hypocrisy than it is about anything that James Frey did.

Holla and Happy Thanksgiving.

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