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Friday, January 27, 2006

Mexican hunting maps?

Posted by on January 27 at 9:53 AM

A plan to hand out 70,000 maps showing highways, rescue beacons and water tanks to Mexicans jumping the border has been suspended. Instead, the maps are only being posted on web sites.
The National Human Rights Commission (a Mexican government-funded agency), put the map distribution on hold after heavy criticism from the US (although the Mexican government is denying a correlation)—although Humane Borders is still posting them.

Miguel Angel Paredes, the spokesman for the federal Human Rights Commission, said the plan would be “rethought” because human rights officials in border states expressed concern that the maps would show anti-immigrant groups like the Minutemen civilian patrols where entrants were likely to gather. “This would be practically like telling the Minutemen where the migrants are going to be,” Paredes said. “We are going to rethink this, so that we wouldn’t almost be handing them over to groups that attack migrants.”

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps denies that it attacks the Mexicans whom they stalk like prey in the desert, but c’mon: A voluntary militia of white nationalists + infrared goggles = Mexican hunting parties.

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Well, its not juts the extreme right whiteys hunting folks down, the Tohono O'odham tribe from the Arizona desert, have also joined the minute men in the “hunt” and in spilling the water that is left in the desert by human rights groups.

Like George Carlin once said, there is nothing sadder than an Indian with a cowboy hat.

God SEME, that really is sad. Especially when you consider how little Spaniard blood is crossing the border and how much indio blood.

The paths that they travel predate the boarder itself. The boarder is the alien entity. The tribes of the desert are indigenous to both sides of the line in the sand.

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