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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

McGavick: A Tale of Two Cities

Posted by on January 25 at 10:44 AM

On Saturday, Jan 21, former Safeco CEO Mike McGavick kicked off his campaign for U.S. Senate at Seattle Center. He told the crowd of hundreds that he would bring a voice of “civility” to the Senate.

Two days later, McGavick was in Eastern Washington kicking of his campaign at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane. Here’s what Mr. McGavick had to say about Seattle:

“You know over in Seattle where I’m from, and by the way I like to say I was born in Seattle when you weren’t embarrassed to say you were from Seattle.”

Just a little Seattle baiting in Eastern Washington from Mr. Civility.

Hey dude, next time you speak at Seattle Center, I hope you elaborate.

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Uh oh...

Methinks Slade Gorton Jr. has forgotton the lesson of 2000:

Republicans Can't Run Against Seattle And Win

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