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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

It’s On

Posted by on January 3 at 18:01 PM

Al Runte officially declared for the soon-to-be-vacant City Council seat today.

His qualifications? Um, none. But at least he’s more popular than Casey Corr.

(A full list of those who’ve applied for the position is below the jump.)

Businessman and Muni League volunteer Norman Z. Sigler;
Activist Juan Jose Bocanegra;
Office of Police Accountability Review Board chairman Peter Holmes;
Two-time council candidate Angel Bolanos;
Onetime council candidate Douglas A. Mays;
Former City Council member Dolores Sibonga;
Seattle Film Institute employee Chris Blanchett;
Antiwar activist Aaron Shuman;
Software developer and Poet Ramon Arjona;
Rosebud restaurant owner Robert Sondheim;
Former city council member and 2003 Compton opponent John Manning;
Rainier Valley Chamber of Commerce president and 2003 council candidate Darryl Smith;
Former city employee and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce board member Javier A. Valdez;
2005 county council candidate Ed Pottharst;
Seattle sports field-lighting opponent Gail Chiarello;
2005 mayoral candidateĀ Alfred Runte;
Orin O'Neill;
Helen Nowlin-Chantreau;
Robert A. Zappone; and
Joann Frances, J.D.

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Do any of those people have qualifications?

they so far have avoided mixing metaphors on the record. except angel bolanos.

So you kids at The Stranger need to convince Dominic Holden to put his hat in the ring. He's easily as qualified as fucking Runte.....

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