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Friday, December 23, 2005

YTMND Is Beyond Me

Posted by on December 23 at 14:48 PM

In trying to understand the You’re The Man Now Dog phenomenon (see also Wikipedia’s explanation—am I the only one who’s never seen these things before?), I came across the dumbest thing I’ve seen in weeks.

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In reading the wikipedia entry, I was heartened by the fact that NOT everything has been done and things we haven't thought of are still going to happen and, in turn, make other crazy things happen. The future!

Until I saw that website you linked to, which is absolutely the dumbest thing I have seen in weeks.

wow, I'm glad I was never exposed to this before. at the same time, however, FUCK YOU for linking to this shit.


Racist, yeah. But the humor is really derived from the surprise description of the scene - well, surprising if you have played and remember punchout! for the NES...
So U herd I liek Wierd Al...

You may wish to check
to make sure you don't get too excited about items that are, in fact, older than the internet.

"This article is crap. You can help by completely re-writing it."


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