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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sexy pizza will get you where?

Posted by on December 27 at 13:01 PM

The Army.

The Army National Guard is combating its lackluster recruitment numbers with new incentives to join, such as iTunes downloads and pizza boxes decorated with sexy lady covers. Not only are the new pizza boxes sexy, they are conversational and flattering:

“Join the Army, and get your college tuition covered.”

“Enjoy your pizza! *Big Hugs* ~The Army”

“Hey fella, pizza box thinks you would look so sexy in camo.”

Perhaps I am exaggerating, BUT Lt. Col. Mike Jones, the Guard’s deputy division chief for recruiting and retention says, “You can’t just be NASCAR and rodeo… You have to have a very rounded approach.” Enter snazzy new pizza boxes.

The campaign appears to be working. Accroding to the Philadelphia Inquirer, in January, the Army will celebrate its first quarter in 13 years where recruiting goals were achieved all three months.

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If a pizza box with a hot girl printed on it can convince you to join the army, you should probably be in the army.

please can someone post a link to a picture??

Mike Jooooooooooooooooooooooooones!!!!!

Alas, I couldn't find a pic, but I'm imagining someone like carmen electra or veronica rabbit. Or maybe just a clevage shot with a speech bubble.

The army wouldn't go through the trouble of plastering ugly chicks on pizza boxes. It would be unappetizing and bad for business.

This pizza campaign discriminates against possible vegan and gay recruits. Hey, when you're as desperate as the US military is, you can't afford to leave ANYONE out of your scope.

news stories about media without any media depicting said media suck.

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