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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Posted by on December 21 at 14:47 PM

This letter to the editor, which we didn’t have space for in the paper this week, eloquently summarizes why I love Christmas in its current incarnation (Praise be to presents and wicked temptations!):

Christmas is about Satan - an achronym [sic] for Santa.
Satan worshippers value gluttony, greed, excess and consumerism. This is what Christmas has been all about for all of the past 28 years I’ve been alive, and I’m sure a lot further back than that.
The “liberals” who are forcing us to call Christmas: “Holiday”, are actually saving Christmas by decoupling the Christian values (goodwill, charity, humility, and simple living) from this time of year.
“Holidays” will no longer be associated with these Christian values and thus Christmas will be saved from Satan and his wicked temptations. But as long as Christmas is about presents, we as a society worship the values of Satan.
Ben Johnson

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Satan is an "achronym" for Santa? Wrong!
But, "achronym" is an anagram for several recent Slog topics:
Horny Cam - Monarchy - Ham Crony - O! My Ranch

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