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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sad Endings

Posted by on December 20 at 16:47 PM

Yesterday afternoon, 2045 Seattle founder Christian Gloddy stopped by the Stranger to drop off a sad memento of the failed monorail effort: Nine panels that once hung in the basement of the Seattle Monorail Project office, forming the shape of a monorail. The panels, which are surprisingly heavy, had “windows” that allowed people attending public meetings to look into monorail staff offices. Gloddy was dropping by the SMP’s offices to pick up some monorail notepads (the SMP, which is now down to four staffers, is moving into a smaller space for a few months before it shuts down completely). As he was leaving, he noticed the monorail panels lying in the SMP’s office, headed for the trash. Here’s one:


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I'm still angry, at Joel Horn as much as Henry Aronson and "Chubs" Nickels, or Mayor Gridlock.

I'd like a note pad...

Are you going to set them up in The Stranger offices? You know, for Dan to play in?

It does resemble the head of a
spawned out, decomposing salmon.


We are going to set them up in our office. I will get in them and pretend that I live in a real city with rapid transit, and not this steaming shithole.

Too bad they weren't found earlier--they would've made good Strangercrombie Aucition items...

The "steaming shithole" quote will come back to haunt you when and if you decide to run for office in Seattle (the non-district elected office city).
Joel and Tom screwed us over good, but The Stranger gets the garbage disguised as recyclable art for your office.

Dan, if you want to see what a real steaming shithole looks like, check out some of the "metropoli" in the South. Having lived in one (San Antonio) and visited a few others (Little Rock, for one), some were terrible enough (Shreveport) that just being there made me want to die.

We may be too dumb to build mass transit and you definitely are feeling rather bad about it, but this city ain't bad. We've got a lot more than most cities do. And many stupid people can be replaced on election day.

A quick amendment to Erica's post: The pieces of the cardboard monorail were actually still in their offices and they asked if I thought anyone would want them saying "if you don't take them, they'll just end up in the trash."

Run for office? Please...

Just fixed my post. Thanks, Christian.

Dan, you could totally win the mayor's seat. Think about it.

I'm in city hall as I write this. I don't want a job anyplace I can't download and store porn on my work computer, so that means I can't be mayor. It's too bad, really. But I have to stay true to my principles.


Doesn't sound like a firm "no way" to me.

"I don't want a job anyplace I can't download and store porn on my work computer, so that means I can't be mayor."

Porn trumps politics. Seattle's loss, but I understand.

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