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Monday, December 19, 2005

Re: W Stands for Whitewash

Posted by on December 19 at 15:50 PM

“This program has targeted those with known links to Al Qaeda.” —President Bush, today, defending his decision to authorize eavesdropping without getting proper warrants. (Can anyone say 4th amendment?)

“Links to Al Qeda” ??? That’s exactly what Bush said about Iraq.

No wonder Bush didn’t go to a judge for a warrant. He would’ve had to provide evidence. And I imagine duping a judge is harder than duping the Congress or the public.

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Apparently, the secret court that handles warrants for wiretaps is designed for speed, and tends to be very indulgent. Only five requests for wiretaps have been denied since the court was established. The government can even start listening up to 72 hours before it requests a warrant, in emergencies only of course.

It really makes me wonder who Bush was spying on. Why couldn't he get permission from an overly indulgent court 72 hours after he authorized the wiretap? Is it because the spying had nothing to do with terrorism? If the list is ever declassified, are we going to see political leaders on that list? When Bush was trying to cram the Iraq invasion down the UN's throat, several members of the Security Council claimed that someone was spying on them. Will we see Kofi Annan's name on that list?

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