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Friday, December 23, 2005 Goes After Reichert

Posted by on December 23 at 11:09 AM

Having decided that Republican Congressman Dave Reichert is vulnerable in 2006, will be airing this ad in Reichert’s eastside district this week, reminding the freshman Representative’s constituents that Reichert is against a U.S. exit from Iraq.

It’s an ad that’s likely to resonate in Reichert’s district, where voters went for John Kerry and Patty Murray in 2004.

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Fer Chrissakes, Eli. Put some effort
into it, dammit! I could have easily read about this in the Times, and the URL to Moveon is just asking for buckeroonies. You more or less
paraphrased the Times article when
you cited that voters in Reichert's
district supported Kerry and Murray
in the last election. Eli, at the least, you might speculate on the
names of some potential opponents.

You are a good writer, Eli, and you
are very capable of doing better.


Thanks for the pep-talk, J. Interceptor.

On the paraphrasing: The Kerry and Murray info is common knowledge. I mentioned it here, almost six months ago:

So maybe the AP article that The Seattle Times ran is paraphrasing me? I doubt it, but with the logic above, you could make the same silly charge against the AP.

As for the potential Reichert challengers, here's one who's getting a good bit of attention: Darcy Burner,

We'll definitely come back to this story with longer (hopefully well-written) looks at the race closer to the election.

The techie Eastsider's in Richert's district should be reminded now and often that he voted AGAINST the embryonic stem cell research bill that actually PASSED the house, with significant republican support. A nice representative for the computer and biotech heavy district...

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