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Monday, December 26, 2005

May I Have This Lap Dance?

Posted by on December 26 at 14:52 PM

The strip club referendum—which, if approved, would repeal Greg Nickels absurd four foot rule for lap dances, among other dumbass regulations crafted to put Seattle’s strip clubs out of business—is headed for the ballot in 2006…

On Thursday, December 22, the Office of the City Clerk of Seattle received a Certificate of Sufficiency from King County Records and Elections regarding signatures on the Referendum No. 1 petitions. This certification ensures that Referendum 1, the Adult Entertainment Referendum, will appear on the ballot during 2006.

“This Referendum represents more than 35,000 signatures from Seattle Citizens who, by signing our petitions, felt that this issue was important enough to merit consideration by the entire City,” states Campaign Manager Tim Killian.

According to the Seattle City Charter, the referendum will now return to the City Council, who will decide the specific election date for Referendum 1. “Our preference is that the Council chooses to place Referendum 1 onto the General Election ballot next November so as to give the Citizens of Seattle the widest possible chance to be heard on this issue,” says Killian.

“Seattle is a modern, progressive urban center and should allow for a diversity of nightlife options including adult entertainment. These regulations are prudish and out of step with the progressive values of this city,” states Killian.

The backers want their referendum on the general election ballot in November—and not a March special election or the primary election ballot in September—because more young people and more liberals and progressives vote in general elections. Primary votes and special elections tend to attract mostly older and more conservative folks—in other words, voters who would be more likely to approve of Seattle’s puckerbutted anti-strip club regulations.